Do you find court shows dumb and unredeeming?

Asked by: Adam2
  • It shows a bad side to America.

    When people watch these shows they often see bad relationships that ended in a keyed car or other revenges, or friends that had a dispute that turned them into petty, selfish people. These people usually don't deserve for their stories to be heard on television, and they influence the people watching them to think that a good way for solving any little problem is to sue. The courts should be a last resort.

  • It's unnatural. Lol

    Much like cemmentaries, courts are not supposed to be pleasant places. I never understood how anyone can love these type of show, and the sick pleasure people get from it. Courts are not supposed to be pleasant places. There are exceptions like when a unconstitutional law is being challenged, and even then that's the supreme court. But I don't care to see divorce or money-related crimes being tried. It's sad and a waste of time.

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Mike01506 says2014-04-28T20:26:49.620
Only the American rubbish that they like to show on British television.