Do you find gender equality philosophies (i.E. Feminism and the Men's Rights Movement) to be stupid and/or hypocritical?

Asked by: Gustav_Adolf_II
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  • Labeling a broad viewpoint as "stupid/hypocritical" is stupid/ hypocritical

    This kind of question, and the line of thinking it suggests, is designed to silence a line of conversation that is occurring in the society for a reason. While it may be that society will never be truly "fair," any decent society should examine itself for ingrained inequities. That's really what's best for the society as a whole because it ensures that everyone'e talents and abilities (the society's main resources) are being used well. There is, of course, silliness in the extreme of gender viewpoints, but too often people dismiss ideas just because they are uncomfortable. (A lot of people dismiss feminism, for example, without even knowing its main tenants.) I do think, however, that most of the so-called "men's movement" is emotional reaction to a changing world, not anything of substance. To paint men as pathetic victims in a world like ours... Puh leez. It has a few good points worth listening to, however, and shouldn't be dismissed as "stupid."

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