Do you find gender equality philosophies that focus on only one gender (i.E. Feminism and the Men's Rights Movement) to be stupid and/or hypocritical?

Asked by: Gustav_Adolf_II
Do you find gender equality philosophies that focus on only one gender (i.E. Feminism and the Men's Rights Movement) to be stupid and/or hypocritical?
  • Feminism is no longer about equality.

    When these equality movements first began it was about women gaining equal rights to men in the patriarchal societies at the time. In most countries this has been achieved by now on the whole and although in some aspects it may be harder for women to achieve a high or respected than for men, women still have the same opportunities and chances that men have in the countries where feminism has been present. However nowadays feminism has became more about projecting women into a more important roles and positions than men and therefore hypocritical as they are contradicting their original feminist aim. These male movements support my view, some of these male rights movements are in response to these feminist aims of putting women ahead of men, and some are trying to 'put' or 'keep' men in higher and more important positions that women, this therefore shows that the male movements are also stupid and hypocritical because they are neither aiming for gender equality or are also proving that feminists are trying to put women ahead and so are responding to this. In my opinion I think these gender equality groups should focus more now on areas in the world where women or in less likely situations men are seen and treated as second class citizens instead of trying to propel women ahead of men in countries where they are already seen and treated as equals on the whole.

  • We are all human.

    I believe in gender equality myself, but find the extent to which it has gotten to be rather melodramatic. Feminists do have a good point, that they are unfairly treated or not quite equal to men in the majority of the world, but a huge amount of them are under-educated and their arguments are not up-to-date. Men are also right, and the suicide issue does need to be resolved. But the thing is, neither gender fully understands each other, and most of it's miscommunication. And I do find this to be hypocritical, and slightly stupid, because we haven't taken the time to properly communicate with each other and realize both genders are equally great.

  • You can't focus on one gender.

    Don't get me wrong, I believe in gender equality, but I am neither a feminist or a men's rights activist. Why? Because I know both genders suffer in society today and their problems need to be fixed. Feminist, you're right, not all women around the world have the same rights as their male counterparts, and that is a problem that needs fixing. Men's rights activist, you're right, the male suicide rate is four times that of their female counterparts, and that is a problem that needs fixing. But what I don't get about either of your groups is that you focus on only one gender's issues, when both obviously have problems. That is why I find both of your groups to be hypocritical, and yes, because of that, a little bit stupid.

  • No, I do not.

    Your thinking is rooted with good intentions, but it is flawed. The civil rights activists of the past never spread themselves so thin that the basis of their movement was, "We need to fight for all to be equal". Rather, they said, "We will not tolerate the second-class treatment of African Americans!" Or, "Women should and will have the right to vote!" Or, in modern terms, "Homosexuals have the right to get married!" It is fine to be a humanist, but saying that "everyone should be equal" does not get to the point of the problem. Focusing on the problems of women is no more bigoted than focusing on the problems of homosexuals. Each marginalized group needs representation in order resolve the social limitations specific to them.

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