Do you find it a bit illogical that some people are against abortion, and contraceptives too?

Asked by: Gustav_Adolf_II
  • It doesn't make sense to me.

    I do not support abortion at all, but I am all for allowing contraception (except for the morning after pill). There's nothing wrong with buying a birth control pill or a condom and using them to try to prevent a pregnancy. To say that using contraception is wrong just baffles me. If you want less abortions to happen, this is a way to do it. Don't be against something that is actually helping to solve something you think is a worse problem.

  • It seems a bit illogical...

    I mean, if you are against abortions thats fine, you can believe what you want to believe. But what is the main cause of abortion? Unwanted pregnancies! And what is the main way to stop unwanted pregnancies? Contraceptives! It just doesn't click in my mind how that makes any sense at all!

  • It's logical because they're both moral issues.

    Contraceptive opponents have a variety of arguments for their stance (to name a few):
    - they encourage promiscuous activity by lowering the risks of sex
    - they interfere in the natural process of child birth
    - some consider contraceptives to be a form of abortion

    It may seem illogical to oppose the most effective way of preventing unwanted pregnancies (short of abstinence). But like abortion, the issue is a matter of morals for many people. And for many people, being moral is the most logical thing to do.

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