• Yes, I find it embarrasing how the Native Americans were treated

    I find it extremely embarrassing to know how badly Native Americans were treated during Colonial Times. The amount of torture, rape, violence, and bullying that went on disgusts me. As an American, it is very hard for me to imagine such cruelty to ever happen at all in this day and age.

  • Yes it is embarrassing.

    When I think about how there were people on the land that we call America when the Europeans arrived on its shores, I feel ashamed that we were successful only by running them off their land and killing them and many of their animals. And history still treats them as if they weren't already living here when we came.

  • It was genocide

    It is often not taught this way in school, but there was a mass genocide on the part of the Native Americans through biomedical warfare and other measures that helped to severely reduce the number of native people in the New World. It is embarrasing and it is shameful that it happened.

  • Different times/ different standards.

    You cannot judge an act from the past with the moral standards of today. Many things in our history seem barbaric. We have to view history through the lens of the standards of that time, not of today's. To do otherwise is folly and revisionism in its worst form. As we learn an evolve, we can only strive to do better in the future.

  • No , I do not

    I am part Native American myself, and I don't feel embarrassed by it today. I think the way they were treated was an old tradition. There still is issues today with it,but times have changed, and Native Americans are making strides for improvement for themselves and the future. The best judge of this is time,but they were here first, everyone knows this.

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