Do you find it frustrating when people say stupid unfactual things and continue to defend it?

Asked by: Adam2
  • This entire damn website

    People on this website especially can go on and on about how they are correct and the other side is wrong even when there is clear evidence that the other side is correct. If you've been around this website for as long as I have you know exactly what I mean.

  • Pardon me, I meant annoying

    I swear some people say stupid things that are unfactual. My current favorite: "Germans and Germanic are the same." No they're not. Any smart person would know this and have common sense. No, they're not the same. German people are different from Nordic folks. I laugh at people who say this.

  • Yes, I do.

    Sort of like when someone claims a nation committed genocide when they have never done such a thing. Or when a person slanders another individual without proof or even evidence.

    I also detest when people claim entire nations are filled with bad people, simply because the accuser is too ignorant to open a book or meet and speak with people outside of their myopic bubble.

    Some people even try to claim Denmark conquered Greenland, when every source says Greenland was inherited via a royal marriage.

  • I do not:

    People are insane. I learned this a long time ago; they will make up all sorts of ridiculous connections between what they think and what really is. Ask anyone if religion is evil and they will say "YES!" despite never having picked up a history book to read how Eastern religion heavily influenced our knowledge of mathematics ( Holy Geometry, yeah i know you don't know what that is ), Western religion [Catholicism/Christianity] heavily effected the development of modern science expounding on Empiricism (which, to add insult to injury, was conjured up by theologian philosophers to begin with) and don't forget to mention that most of the "Holy Wars" were not only the least bloody but half of them mentioned aren't even considered religious wars, or that most of the witch hunt nonsense is just that: Historically inaccurate nonsense.

    You get used to it. Popular belief trumps "facts".

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