Do you find it morally acceptable to experiment on animals, when it helps humans?

  • Yes, in the absence of other alternatives.

    While not ideal, animals are often the closest thing to humans biologically and therefore I think it is acceptable to experiment on animals when there are no other alternatives. I think all animals should be treated like patients that agree to take part in clinical trials of drugs and every effort should be extended to keep them comfortable. The results of these experiments often end diseases that not only help humans put the planet at large.

  • Yes, it is morally acceptable to experiment on animals when it helps humans.

    It is my opinion that the life of a human being is more valuable than the life of an animal. Human beings have the ability to utilize higher thought functioning than animals. When given the option between the life of a child and the life of a monkey, the child should take priority. I have compassion for animals, but ultimately believe that it is acceptable to experiment on animals if it is beneficial to human life.

  • Yes I Do

    I support animal testing because I know the alternative is direct human testing which is far more dangerous. I understand some people want to protect animals just as much as humans but that doesn't change the fact that animal testing actually saves humans lives on a daily basis. There is a food chain, we are on the top.

  • No: I Do Not Find It Morally Acceptable to Experiment on Animals

    It is also not morally acceptable to allow humans to needlessly suffer and die. Both humans and animals feel pain and experience trauma. The world we live in is largely morally unacceptable. The solution seems to be not to accept things as they are, then, but rather voluntarily consider not having children in a world that necessitates unimaginable suffering for both human and non-human animals.

  • No, I find it morally corrupt to experiment on animals.

    I do not find it morally acceptable to experiment on animals just because it might help humans. I thik that as human beings we shouldn't believe that we just have the right to experiment on an animal just because we can. We need to treat all creatures with some empathy and respect.

  • Having the power to use animals doesn't make it right.

    We all say that animals should be kept comfortable during testing and that unnecessary pain should not be inflicted, but reality tells a different story. Simple research reveals that these animals are put in disagreeable conditions and are subject to maiming, blinding, and burning on top of starvation, fatigue, and unclean cages. Those are only a few examples. Many lab personnel are insensitive toward their suffering and do not make attempts to ease their pain. In essence, animal testing is a form of torture that benefits people.
    Animal experimentation for cosmetics is even less justifiable than using it to cure illnesses. While it's arguable that animal testing has saved lives, nobody needs cosmetics to survive.
    It is only right to experiment on animals for our own benefit when they are not injured in any way, shape, or form. Because animal testing does not guarantee that, it is not morally acceptable.

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