• Hudson's songs are motivational

    I do find Jennifer Hudson's songs motivational because the spirit behind the songs feels so true and real. She really puts all her emotions into every one of her songs. This is especially felt when people attend her concerts. She has a singing style that let's the listener feel alive.

  • Yes I do find many of Jennifer Hudson's songs to be motivating.

    Yes do find that many of Jennifer Hudson's songs to be motivating to me, just as I am inspired by all she has accomplished since being a finalist on American Idol. She has won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, a Golden Globe, BAFTA Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and an NAACP Image Award. Her life is just a motivating has her songs.

  • yes i do

    Yes, I think that her songs are really good and that the are really good to pump you up and make you want to get up and go do something. i think that it is good that they have this effect since it helps out a whole lot of people.

  • No, while her life may be inspirational, her songs are not.

    There are many things inspiring about Jennifer Hudson's life. Her decision to improve her health and lose weight should be modeled by many Americans that are putting their health in danger with their lifestyle choices. However, her songs are not sufficiently unique to qualify as "inspirational". She has a lovely voice, but the writing and beat are indiscernible from hundreds of other R&B singers.

  • No, I do not find Jennifer Hudson's songs motivational.

    No, I do not find Jennifer Hudson's songs motivational. To tell you the truth I have not heard many Jennifer Hudson songs. The ones I have heard like "Spotlight" are not inspirational to me at all. But then again I am not apart of her target audience, so it's no supposed to inspire me.

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