• Crap diet and plenty of anger and hate to keep the masses confused even intelligent people can’t see

    Late night tv is no longer late night tv...It’s about selling commercials and keeping the viewer glued to that absolute crap.I can’t believe some humans can stand listening too these people just talk about hate and what the fuck are they going to talk about when trumps gone? They will make shit up

  • Late night comedians and Hollywoid have no clue or have forgotten what the middle class goes through everyday!

    First of all Guns! They need to study the statistics of violence in the rest of the world before forming an opinion about violence in the US. They do not understand reality or history! They live in a bubble in which they believe that the first free country in the history of hummanity can't end. And it will if they get what they want.Leave guns alone. The last US gun confiscation happened at Wounded Knee and a lot of innocent people were killed
    President Trump. He is the solution most Americans chose when they realized they were getting to close to socialism.
    Propaghanda. The lies the media spews is sickening.How people can be so gullible is beyond me. The Nazis used this tactic.People don't know history and it is getting worse. Geez people do you have to believe everything people tell you? Instinct and common sense is disapearing at an alarming rate in this country! I hate to say it but I always have to show my high school daughter about where her teachers are wrong!

  • It's not actually funny.

    All they do is go over the same stories over and over without real meaning and try way to hard to be funny. They make fun of things that really shouldn't be made fun of and hurt other people's feelings while bringing themselves up. They are loudmouthed and vulgar and have no particular point or reason for existing.

  • Not funny at all

    I hate late night TV and variety shows. Completely pointless. There's no reason for shows like that to begin with. They suck. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Really dumb. I hate shows like that. They have no point at all. Just mindless blabbering, and blabbering and blabbering. Real comedy is where the fun is at

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