Do you find Michigan state's knife laws confusing (yes) or not (no)?

  • Michigan's knife laws create confusion

    Michigan's law regarding knife's is confusing. There are certain knives that you can carry and are legal to own. This means a knife owner has to dig deeper to learn if a particular knife is legal. The law makes it illegal to use a dangerous weapon against people. Daggers, dirks, razors, and stilettos are dangerous weapons, and any knife over three inches. The confusion comes with the part about any other dangerous weapon.

  • No, the Michigan state knife laws are clear to those with formal training.

    No, the Michigan state knife laws are fairly easy to understand if the knife carrier has had formal training in knives. All legal knives are legal to carry. The only knives that are illegal to carry are the ones that are banned. The Michigan knife law clearly explains which knives are banned. Anyone with a basic understanding of the types of knives should b able to recognize these types of knives.

  • I do not find Michigan state's knife laws confusing.

    Michigan state's knife laws are not confusing. In the true legal format, anything is confusing with all the legal jargon used in legislature, but there are plenty of websites which define which knives are legal and illegal and the permission to carry and conceal them. The laws are not confusing if they are read carefully.

  • The laws are not confusing.

    I do not find Michigan's state laws pertaining to knives to be confusing, but I understand how they could be to others. In general, there should never be a situation where a normal human being runs into issues with the laws. If you use knives responsibly, you should have nothing to worry about.

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