Do you find movies about suffering to be fruity, to quote a character from "Barton Fink"?

Asked by: Adam2
  • I wouldn't say fruity, just kinda lame

    Honestly, movies that showcase depressing kinda things are kinda getting old already. You'll usually find Julianne Moore in one of those kinda movies. Kirsten Dunst, yes, but not as much. I find movies like that predictable and boring and kinda stupid. Movie likes "Raging Bull" are no better either. Lol

  • Um...Fruity? I hope that doesn't mean what I think it means...

    Regardless of the quote's intent, I'd say this is kind of a silly thing to debate since there are a lot of dumb movie genres. I personally find disaster movies to be dumb, but that's just me. This is the opinions section but I'd say every story has a right to be told and a right to be showcased and observed with some serious thought before being deemed fruity, so no, the genre is not, whether it contains "fruity" movies or not.

    Posted by: iono

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