• New money families I mean

    As opposed to old money. Most new money people act so stupid it's actually hilarious. Lol Old money people have more integrity and class which you can admire in a person. LOL. Funny, funny, funny! New money people are so trashy most of the time it's actually kinda silly. Lol

  • New money is wonderful!

    So green, so lush, so thick, so nice, so clean, not smelly...Oh man who would argue that new money is stupid?! It helps our economy grow and our government makes money by making money. All those people without jobs? The new money goes STRAIGHT to them! It's amazing how that works and no, I don't think new money is stupid but it's kind of ANOOYING when you don't get any. :(

  • Not any more stupid than old money people.

    People that never worked for their success and were born into a rich family tend to be more ignorant and stupid than people that actually earned their riches.

    But then again people who haven't been rich before sometimes don't know how to handle all the perks that come with money and too much glamor might ruin their careers and even lives, if they're not able to keep it all together.

    Posted by: hasa

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