• Yes I do

    Yes I do think they are disgusting because they don't go well with cream cheese. Also, onions are disgusting by themselves and they don't work well with bagels and bread. I think onion bagels are too salty and they smell horrible. Onion bagels have those little chunks of dried onion and the chunks do not taste good either. So onions by themselves are disgusting, but when you combine it with a bagel, it tastes even worse.

  • It's just so wrong

    You can't mix the two together. It's not how it's supposed to be. I want my bread in two varieties: (1) plain ole bread or (2) bread with seeds or popeye seeds. That's about it. Decorating food is akin to McDonaldization. LMAO. Onions and bread don't go together period. LMAO What kinda stupid world are we becoming?

  • Bread is delicious

    Onions have a relative low calorie count just 210 which is on the lower side for bagels.They go deliciously with chili and herb and garlic spread. I like garlicky things and honestly onions are a vegetables. Vegetables are good for you and they are like shrek they have layers :)

  • No I don't.

    Really, 50 words? Ok, well bagels are tasty and onions are tasty and cream cheese is tasty and onion is tasty in cream cheese and cream cheese is tasty on a bagel and cream cheese with onion is tasty on a bagel and personally I think onion on a bagel is tasty.

  • I take it back

    I Adam2 (in a different account). Onion bagels are good -- not only are they healthy for you. They're also declious. If I'm eating a gluttounous pizza, this just helps balance it, and it tastes real good. I like onion more than other vegetables. It tastes good and it's good for you.

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Adam2 says2014-01-09T21:55:06.847
I'm talking about bagels that have the onion mixed into the bread.
Adam2 says2014-01-09T21:55:11.823
Which I find silly
TheSquirrel says2014-01-11T19:22:21.650
I still think they're tasty.