• Yes, it was practical.

    I don't know how much more practical you can get than what Shaffi Mather has done. He was outspoken, put his name out there, and fought as hard as he could. This is really the only way corruption can be battled. People have to stand up to it and make it known.

  • I do not.

    I do not find Shaffi Mather's approach to battling corruption practical. There are more sane ideas for battling corruption and Shaffi Mather's approach is just a little bit too crazy. If we really want to battle all corruption, we need to make sure it is the best way so it won't fail.

  • He Gave Up Everything

    Shaffi Mather set-up an impressive ambulance service in India and started initiatives about fighting corruption, then he was accused of the things he fights against. I don't have the full story so I can't tell if this is a story about a guy who is falsely accused because of what he fights against or if its a good guy gone bad type of thing. Without good hard facts on his case I can't say if it was a good approach because he resigned from everything.

  • Sounds Like A hypocrite

    It may have been a good approach, except he was forced to resign for some type of corruption too. Of course, the reason he resigned could of been because the system is so corrupt that it set him up. You never know, but no one has been able to prove otherwise. This making Mr. Mather's look like a hypocrite.

  • He should not have resigned.

    No, I do not find Shaffi Mather's approach to battling corruption practical, because he should not resign from office if he did nothing wrong. It is not surprising that a large number of his political allies would accuse him of over billing and of stealing funds. To resign is to allow them to win.

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