Do you find something just not right with Disney?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Disney is annoying sometimes.

    Honestly, I can't say the majority of their movies are ones I really like. The whole "Disney princess" thing is really annoying because it makes young girls focus on "finding a prince" instead of reveling in life as it is.
    It has been getting better (with Frozen) and they do have some good movies, but they seem so shallow a lot of the time.

  • I hate to be cynical

    Disney just feels wrong on so many levels. Whereas other companies I kinda respect a lot, Disney just feels plain fuzzy. For one, why from 198something to about 2006 were the FBI Warnings and film format screens all colorful? Red from 198something to about 1992 (Warning only as aspect ratio screen didn't exist yet), green from 1992 (1994 -- aspect ratio) to 2000, blue for both from 2000 to 2006. That amongst other thing. Why are the feature presentation intros so bizarre and unnatural?
    New Line Home Video screens are normal
    Columbia Home Video screens are normal and proper
    Universal is proper
    Disney... I don't know what to say honestly.
    Disney feels wrong on so many levels.

  • Disney gives all generations more meaning than just finding a prince.

    Disney gets a bad rap sometimes because a lot of people seam to believe that they promote the idea that girls should find a prince and settle down. They're a lot more that that.

    Films like "Frozen" and "The little mermaid" tell us to be exactly who you know you should be and who you are and not to care about what any one thinks. This applies to normal people who want to persue their dream career as well as things such as the gay rights movement.

    "Toy Story" and "Tangled" Teach us to take chances, meet new people, and that the world isn't quite so bad as a lot of us would make it seem. "Tangled" also taught people that you don't have to listen to other people, to form your own opinions and to not to be afraid to challenge authority when you know they are wrong.

    Finally we have "The Lion King." That teaches us to believe in ourselves. It faces children with depressing deaths, and shows children that these things are not your fault. Your parents' divorce, a persons death, etc... It shows that some times you need your friends and that you cannot shut them out, because they need you as much as you need them.

    How any one can find these meanings unfavorable is beyond me. Disney teaches children to look on the bright side of life. It gets bad, but the night is only darkest before the dawn. Some times you need a song, so whistle while you work, and keep on keepin on.

  • EVen if annoying at times (it wasn't intended for your age group anyways,) Disney is still a great company.

    Disney is a company that is protective of their works. Now, this means FBI warnings and all of those wonderful things. It's simply to protect their product. They put effort and money into a product, hoping to make a decent income off of it.
    With websites like YouTube, anyone can just upload an entire movie or TV show, without their permission.
    First off, they have copyright and made it in the first place. Even if enjoyable, it is not legal.
    Disney loses profit. People tell themselves, "Oh, I don't need to buy/see that! I can just watch it on YouTube later."
    Demands for their products go down. They take action, which is to be expected, and work to ensure they get their money's worth.
    Whether it be a TV show or movie, they have the right to protect their product from being uploaded to some website where anyone can watch it for free. It is NOT legal in the first place.
    They deserve their rights. This is nothing unusual. As creepy as it may appear to be, it's for the better of their company. Admit it, you would do the same for something you worked hard to make, and had high hopes for a nice revenue off of it. It's frustrating.

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