• Yes it is

    The Nazis went to war against the allies because of reparations, they also killed Jews; we consider the swastika to be racist. The confederate went to war against the U.S. because portraits, they also enslaved black people; why isn't the confederate flag considered racist and the Nazi flag is, hmm.

  • It's a symbol of hate

    I ask all of those who say it's southern pride :
    Would you feel the same if 50 years from now people go around waving Taliban and ISIS flags and say it's a symbol of Muslim pride ?
    This flag is a symbol of hate, slavery and ignorance. It must be treated as such. And if you see ignorance and slavery as things to be " proud " of, then you need to see a psychiatrist.

  • Go to college

    Go to college and take an American history course. I have, I have a AA-T in History working on my bachelors. It was created for the sole purpose of distinguishing the south from the North. The division was a result of a disagreement with states rights, yes, but the disagreement was over the continuation of slavery in the US. The southerns not wanting to part from slavery, and disagreeing with the decline of slave states felt they had no choice but to leave. This issue is over the unethical use of free black labor for profit. The US was the last nation to abandon slavery as it was already banned by Britain. The South were stubborn, money hungry traitors to the US. So, if you wanna fly your flag just know you're embracing a traitorous and prejudice history. You're not an American but a traitor. It's not some symbol of "rebellion" but a symbol of the treacherously prejudice south. Thomas Jefferson(writer of the constitution which you "rebels" claim to respect) freed the slaves he inherited. Jefferson would never side with the confederate traitors and that is a historical fact, he appalled slavery. Congrats you uneducated bigots.

  • I am a white southerner and I can find hatred in the banner

    "Heritage" is a weak argument. You find a German with connections to WWII and let them fly the swastika and tell them "It's okay to fly that flag, I am aware that that your grand-pappy helped kill millions of Jews, but you can, call it 'heritage' and you'll be off the hook." The rebel flag was flown over many terrible hate crime events.

  • Ruined by history

    Look I recognize that a lot of people from the south care about the flag because it has to do with heritage and culture, but ultimately the flag has been ruined thanks to its usage to defend slavery. Aside from that it doesn't really stand for much (I mean it is called the Confederate flag, not the white and black people's flag). If we were to get rid of any flag that had a bad history that would be ridiculous, but the Confederate flag stands solely for racism and has been misconstrued to be symbolic of modern southern culture. I mean the swastika wasn't bad until Hitler came around, but his evildoings has made it taboo. Does the south really want to keep what is ultimately a symbol of oppression to remain as their flag?

  • Cut the bullshit about its just heritage not hate and its about southern pride

    The flag literally is a symbol for what people in the south did and fought for which was slavery and smaller government. If it is as much heritage as you say then lets go over your heritage. Slavery racism sexism etc... Those all sound like hate to me. Also the flag came about when the civil war commenced pitting the U.S. against the Confederacy which made them an enemy of America. So saying the confederate flag is just pride for the south is like saying me hailing Hitler and wearing a swastika is just German pride and ethnic nationalism

  • Yes it is

    These southerners try to say it is a symbol of rebellion and not slavery, well that is a lot of
    I could just as much say that the Nazi flag isn't a symbol of racism, it was a symbol of rebellion too, that it was just a symbol of when Germany rebelled against Frances reparations.

  • It's not about the place

    I offer a simple comparison. Would you use a Nazi flag as a symbol of German pride? No because the Nazi regime was nothing to be proud of it stood for fascism and intolerance. The confederacy was anti American and intolerant which is nothing to be proud of. Instead of dwelling on an embarrassing part history let's learn from the past look to the future. Sure they rebelled and what not but for what reason? Why not look to the "come and take it" flag as an alternative? The defense of slavery was an embarrassing scar placed on the south, it is absolutely nothing to be proud of. Put it away and raise your American flags.

  • It's just Southern Pride

    Of all the people I've met who've flied the Confederate flag, none are racist they are simply proud to be Southern. The problem is that only evil Confederates like Dylan Roof get featured on the news, never does the news cover anybody who flies the flag out of Southern pride.

    And anyone who is about to say "Oh, the Civil War was a war against Southern slavery." need a history lesson. The South wasn't fighting for slavery, they were fighting because they didn't like the government, and the North wasn't fighting to end slavery, they were fighting to restore the Union.

    For God sake's, there were black Confederate soldiers. If that's not enough to convince someone the war was about more than slavery, I don't know what is.

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  • Stop being ridiculous!

    The Confederate flag isn't a symbol of hate. With that being said, let's cut to the chase. The "civil war" (really the "War of Northern Aggression") wasn't fought over slavery. It was fought over states' rights. Is it really that offensive or "hateful" to be supportive of states' rights? I don't think so! If you're offended by that, then you need some serious help.

  • Not in the slightest.

    I don't find the confederate flag offensive and I see it a lot in my home state of Idaho. However I can see why it would be offensive to countless people who were victims of white supremacists. I also know that the flag is representative one of the most traitorous groups of people in US history. Not only did these guys secede, launch an attack on a US fort with out a formal declaration of war, but they also did all of this so they could continue to enslave people. If you want to suck those people's c*cks by waving their flag, than thats your right.

  • I would never

    The confederate flag symbolizes an army that fought the Union army despite being outnumbered 2:1 in basically every single battle. To me, it is a tribute of the brave soldiers who fought to defend their homeland. Was the war about slavery? Probably some people did fight to keep their slaves. But most, and by most I mean 85% fought to protect their homeland.

  • Heritage Not Hate

    The Confederate flag does not represent and never has represented racism. It’s a symbol of the southern heritage, representing freedom, states rights, individual responsibility, and resistance to an out of control federal government.
    It may be true that some racists have used the Confederate flag, but racists also wave the American flag. So another words the Confederate is NOT racists, us American’s also wave around a flag (the American flag) so why should us American say it is racist that they are waving around there flag when we are waving around our own flag. They have the right to wear and or wave around the Confederate flag it is up to the how they feel about it.

  • No, it isn't, but it has no place on government buildings

    I do not find the Confederate flag to be offensive, mostly because it is not a symbol of hatred, as much as the left would have you believe otherwise. However (now to piss off the right), it is a symbol of insurgency, and thus has no place on government buildings (it would be the equivalent of Northern Ireland putting up the flag of the IRA). The Civil War was about slavery, but not exclusively. The reason that the South split off was not because of "Northern Aggression" but due to the fact that the old plantation oligarchy was being replaced by the new hierarchy of industrialists. When they realized that their main labor force would soon have to be paid, the Southern aristocrats were furious, and thus declared independence. The South used "Northern Aggression" as propaganda to get the non-wealthy southerners on their side, and the north used "freeing the slaves" as propaganda to get those who weren't part of their upper-class on their side. Also, the South attacked first at Fort Sumter, so it was technically a war of southern aggression, not northern.

  • Everything's "offensive" nowadays

    This is getting old and fast. The flag represents our past, whether we like it or not and it isn't hurting anyone at all. If people have an issue with the Confederate flag then there should be an issue with the American flag because of what it "represents".

    Many people say that the confederate flag represents racism and hate towards black people, right? Well if that's the case then ours must be racist towards the Native Americans for they were killed for this land to later become America.

    And if you ask many people, they see it as a rebel flag. I mean hell, some black people wear it!!!

  • The confederate flag is not offensive

    THe confederate flag is simply a symbol of heritage not hate. We don't mean it as an insult. It doesn't mean we hate african americans it's simply a remembering our past not necessarily meaning we want to live like we did in the past. In all the confederate fkag would not be offensive

  • No I don't.

    I don't find it offensive and I don't care if others interpret it to be offensive. We don't have a right to not be offended in this country. Remember that awesome story about Wal-Mart refusing to make a cake with the confederate flag, but agreeing to make a cake with the flag of ISIS? Wow, political correctness sure screws people up.


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