• They know their system

    Yes, I think that the pre-budget report is satisfactory. I think that the people who put out this report are very good at their job, and know exactly what they are doing. They are not going to make any major mistakes. They are very smart and good at their job.

  • Pre budget report

    A pre budget makes no sense already, and the fact that people want others to believe that this is very reliable is absurd. There is no reason that the budget and budget report couldn't simply be given publicly, and projections as is are already poor enough, without needing another layer to it.

  • Pre-budget reports are lies.

    In the history of pre-budget reports, none have been accurate. The estimation calculators used are not only outdated, but the estimations used are never correct. The estimations are based on reports from people that want it to look like they are doing better than they really are. Then they act surprised when the results are lower than their "projections." When their job is on the line, they will lie for as long as they can, and that produces a pre-budget report that is never accurate.

  • Seeing waste is not satisfying

    I do not find the pre-budget report satisfactory. This is because it shows how much waste the UK has in its budget. All of the money the UK spends on food aid, tourism, immigrant relief, and welfare programs could be changed to make the United Kingdom a better place. The report is simply proof of how much waste exists in government.

  • They spend too much.

    No, I do not find the pre-budget report satisfactory, because the government continues to spend far more than it takes in. No Congress or President wants to be the one that returns to responsible spending, because they know that voters will turn against them. But this budget is not sustainable in the long term.

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