Do you find the premise of this season's Bachelorette degrading to women?

  • Like all other seasons in its run, this season's Bachelorette is degrading to women.

    When a TV show's premise os to have women all gathered around a male specimen, all fighting in the most cliched and catty way, you know you are dealing with a very degrading to women show. The Bachelorette is lowering the bar even further where women's rihts and atittudes are concerned this season.


    Hello, fellow humans who watch The Bachelor(ette) very much despite themselves. My name is Emily, and I'll be recapping the forthcoming season of The Bachelorette, which premieres May 18th on ABC. A few thoughts about the premise of this season before everything is described as "amazing," helicopter pilots enter their busy season, and double personal pronoun mistakes overwhelm you: The concept of two bachelorettes is offensive, misogynistic, and wrong.
    I'm wondering how this will actually play out, because the reaction from viewers and former Bachelor/ettes was not great, Bob! Here's golden boy Sean Lowe, a born-again virgin (not a thing) who married the winner of his season, Catherine Guidice, on-air last year:

  • No, the current Bachelorette is not degrding to women.

    In my opinion, it takes a certain type of person to participate in this kind of show whether it be as a bachelor, a bachelorette or a potential mate. I think if you have that type of personality, it is not possible to be degraded to be put in a situation where you may or may not be chosen as the bachelorette.

  • Bachlelorette Not Degrading!

    The bachelorette is not degrading to women because it is their choice to put themselves in the show. It does not look good when they argue and fight constantly, but most of this is definitely staged by the show. The show seeks to find drama and encourages it, but this is simply acting and entertainment, not degradation.

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