Do you find this scene they arrive in Queens for the first time, in "Coming to America" funny?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Yes! It is!

    I love this movie and though some scenes in it can now be considered racist, it's still a great and very funny movie! I adore the beginning. I wish there were more funny movies out like this now! The movie is realistic to a point and believable, which is perfect!

  • An orchestral rendition of the song "Coming to America" with trumpets says one thing: "They got some b--ls"

    I laugh everytime when I see the scene in which Akeem and Semi arrive in Queens for the first time hilarious as hell. Kinda stupid, but hilarious nevertheless. Reminds me of "Yes, yes, f*8k you too." LMAO. The big trumpet score, in which we see the elevated train above just adds more grit, and the taxi driver saying, "It's sh8tty enough for ya?" Makes it more hilarious. The African version of "Seinfeld" with less of the nihilism.

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