• What, that image?

    Her eyes seem to be too far apart. Now, call me a crazy nineeenth century racist witch doctor, but that indicates poor character. She will likely grow up to be a thief, a liar, a cheat or a fraudster. Not because she wants to, but because that's how she was born.

  • My day is getting weirder the minute!

    Someone was complaining about Shakespeare's "racism against Denmark" (because "Hamlet" was about Denmark). WTF? Now, I understand Italians complaining about stereotypes relating to Mussolini and Germans complaining about stereotypes relating to Hitler, but Denmark? The whitest of all countries? A country with a brutal history of human rights violations and empire (in Greenland and Danish West Indies)? And the most bizarre part of it is that it came from someone from northern England (the main creator of the KKK and British Empire along with the Lowland Scots). Complaining about racism against Denmark, when they were one of the most brutal and vicious empires in history and one of the most white white of all countries, complaining about racism against them. This just gets weirder and weirder.

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Foodiesoul says2016-07-05T04:46:07.460
All stock photos are weird in a way!