Do you find women that can not cook less attractive?

Asked by: knu
  • Yes, its not all about looks.

    When people are in a relationship, the decision on whether or not they want to spend the rest of their life with that person has so many other factors beyond looks, for instance: being a good mother, being intellectually stimulating, or even being independent. I believe all household duties are to be equally shared, especially cooking. When a someone can't cook, it shows that they are used to someone doing it for them. Most people are looking for an equal partner, not another person to take care of.

  • Some what, yes.

    Going out to eat, fast food, ordering pizza is alright if it's just us. But when a child comes into the picture it makes those things too much of a health risk. I can cook and it more attractive when a woman can cook too.

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    Posted by: knu
  • Actually I have life experience at this question

    My ex wife was an outstanding cook (her only redeeming quality) and I find her to be one of the ugliest people I have ever known, While my present wife couldn't cook a good meal (except by accident) if her life depended on it and I find her extremely beautiful.

  • This should be worded differently

    If a girl is attractive a girl is attractive. Physical appearance and personality. A woman's skills can add to her attractiveness yes but just because she can not cook that would not seal the deal for me. Especially since those are skills you can learn. The question should be would you find a girl less attractive if she won't cook. And even then I wouldn't find her less attractive I'd find her less compatible.

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