Do you follow healthy eating habits (yes) or unhealthy eating habits (no)?

  • Generally Healthy Eating

    Given that I use to have an issue with my weight and even had a BMI Index that indicated I was obese, I now follow healthy eating habits. It took me about two years to get my weight down to a healthy, normal range and it has remained there ever since.

  • It was fun eating unhealthy. Those twinkies....All your pleasure come true.

    Good for your wallet. Good for the movies... Everybody is doing it...Join in silly! Look at those eating healthy....What for? You get scorned and put to mule of being healthy. The unhealthy one will let the healthy one do its choirs. So, use your brain for once! Take a side! Just like jesus Chris!

  • My diet is terrible.

    I follow unhealthy eating habits, because I have no motivation. I know that I need to eat healthy to look and feel my best, but chocolate bars are delicious. I admit that I am too tired to cook after work, and that I eat more than I should just because it is there.

  • No, I am guilty of unhealthy eating habits.

    I admit, although I know better, I have unhealthy eating habits. I love broccoli, salads, fresh fruit and yogurt. The bad part comes when I get my hands on a bag of potato chips while watching TV, or when I see a hot dog stand at the courthouse square, or when a family member decides they need to go out for ice cream. No will power.

  • No, As hard as I am trying I do not follow heathy eating habits.

    I find it difficult to follow healthy eating habits. It is difficult to get on a regime of eating entirely healthy. I do substitute cucumbers as a snack. I have stopped drinking diet cokes and changed to water with fresh lemon inside. I am trying but I feel that I am a failure with all the processed food available.

  • I eat unhealthy.

    I recently moved in with my girlfriend and her daughter, about two months ago. My lifestyle was much different beforehand. I used to work out every day--sometimes twice per day--and watch how many calories I was taking in. Now I'm just busy, running out of money, overly-stressed, and have no time healthy eating.

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