Do you get angry when you hear someone speak a language that isn't English?

Asked by: Zlehn
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  • Support and Acceptance.

    Even though America's language of practise is English, we also have to remember that we're basically Earth's Superman. Whenever there's a problem in another country, no matter which, we're the refugee camp. People aren't going to know too much English, nor will they want to leave their identities behind them. So, if speaking their native tongue is what they have to do, it's what they have to do, and I completely agree with this. Should they try to transform our country to fit their own culture? No, but it's good to learn about it and apply whatever we can to help ourselves grow mentally and spiritually.

  • Why does it annoy you?

    It is becoming harder and harder for people to speak more than one language in any country that is not located in Europe. So why should we be angry when somebody else is trying to practice/use another language?
    It is hard to be the one who is bilingual in a group of people who can't speak more than one language.
    If anything, there should be an attempt made by you to understand since it is --after all-- your fault you don't know the language.

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