Do you get extremely joyful when you find out that someone appreciates something you do?

Asked by: Adam2
  • It's not everything in life

    But when someone appreciates something I do and says, "Great idea" I get extremely joyful and happy. I think it's a wonderful thing. Of course it's rare, but I love that moment nevertheless. Even if they say me being a good friend or boyfriend, I appreciate it too. It's great

  • Yes, who wouldn't...

    Yes, why wouldn't you get excited when someone appreciates what you do that's basically saying no to praise. If you don't get joyful when someone appreciates what you do you need to have more self confidence and believe in yourself even think its vain because someone's simply giving you a pat on the back's take this comment into consideration.

  • I love it when someone appreciates what I do

    Don't you just love it when someone appreciates something that you do. Well I do. I love the look on their face when they see what I did for them. Manly my grandma. Like when I crack pecans for her the look on her face was just so heart warming.

  • Yes I do

    Yes because it make's me feel as if I made a difference. Makeing even one person smile make's me feel great. Everything I do is to make other's happy, and when I have accomplished such a thing I feel amazing or like I matter or have made a difference of which has reason.

  • Because I Said So

    I really do not find enjoyment or joy or happiness when I find out that someone likes the same thing that I do. It does not improve my mood, at all, if any thing it makes me feel very bad. I am a strange person, really really, incredibly a strange person.

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