Do you guys think having a debate on here really helps you?

Asked by: Skt1Faker
  • Well of course!

    This website has helped me build a stronger argument and research more topics, learning new things. Also, I also get to know others who share the same viewpoints as I do, knowing that I'm not alone. This site gets more interesting than the Speech and Debate team at my school LOL.

  • Of course it does!

    Using this site, I have learned how to better research, word, and lay out arguments and through that, papers. With my planned profession of teacher and my plans to continue through school until I have my Doctorate in Biology, this is invaluable. Also, I have met many great people on this site and I am discovering a lot about other places that can never be described in a news article. Also, this site and the debating that goes along with it has let me catch things like when I start a sentence, interrupt it with a statement in commas or parentheses, and then just end it! So yes, this site helps me.

  • It helps me to be more social

    I'm not a very social person, and I spend a lot of time in my room or on my own, but this site allows me to talk with other people and share my opinions and ideas, who can and often do help me develop them, which makes me very happy. Also it is fun to be able to have a debate with people on a subject that you have passion on.
    Therefore I think that having debates really does help me, not just to help me develop my debating skills but also to help grow as a person too.

  • It really helps me

    Having a debate here helps me a lot in many case. I can have a survey on here for my homework, and I can compare Ideas with other people so, it helps me to think about more deeply.
    Also, I can know many people's idea so it makes me to think In the other point of view.
    In conclusion, I think it helps me in a lot point.
    I also think it makes me more brighter.

  • Blowin' Steam Off

    Yes, by far debating helps me cope with day to day life, argument is just apart of my nature (isn't it everyone's). I guarantee you it's far healthier than shouting to the world your opinions while people look on in astonishment. The only beef I have about it, is that I can't get physical. ;-)

  • Certainly does. I am a gun rights activist and sites like this are healthy ways to get a pulse on what others think.

    Any vehicle that allows you to get out there, express your views and possibly trial balloon ideas will only help form stronger arguments and potentially learn what and how the opposition thinks. If you know your audience, you have a better chance of influencing them or taking back influence from the opposition.

  • This web site is STUPID

    I think this web site is stupid and it does not help me at all and this web site needs to get way better and the web site needs to tell you what they think about the topic. It needs to get better i was doing a opinion writing essay and i was using it to learn what other people think about the topic that i chose. The topic i chose is no homework and all it did was tell what other people think and they are all so short so i think the web site itself should say what they think. So that is why i think this web site is STUPID

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