Do you guys think now Ebola virus can be cured perfectly?

Asked by: Skt1Faker
  • Yes but they're having a hard time scaling production up.

    We saw many healthcare workers, who contracted the disease and who were cured with experimental drugs like ZMapp. The problem is that these experimental drugs are produced in small laboratories and that it's difficult to produce these drugs by the thousands as it would be necessary to end the ebola outbreak.

  • Yes the virus can be cured

    You can see that people can be cured by looking at the U.S. healthcare workers that have survived ebola and are now testing negative for the disease. U.S. citizens have access to excellent healthcare and most people in the West African countries where it has been so prevalent do not. Putt Putt and Mike are wrong, I am not sure where they are getting their information but I am pretty sure neither one has had any training in a health profession.

  • It is curable and a direct cure and vaccine are entering human trials

    Firstly, even without a direct cure Ebola is curable at the minute with fluid replacement. The real killer with Ebola is the symptoms which cause severe blood loss and other bodily fluids. This is how several people, such as the american patients, are being treated and it works. This is why an Ebola outbreak is impossible in countries with good organised health care. The patients are simply isolated and pumped with replacement fluid until the symptoms subside and the Ebola virus is beaten by the immune system (which does happens). And as I said before, several varying direct cures and vaccines are on the way with promising results.

    And to Putt-Putt, viruses are living organisms or they would be unable to infect cells in the body so I don't know where you got that from. And a vaccine is not artificial anti-bodies, it is a manufactured weaker strand being injected into the subject, so their immune system can develop its own defense to that particular virus; this system has a VERY high success rate on multiple viruses. There is a flu vaccine and the common cold is an abnormal virus, hence a vaccine/cure is harder to develop. Your entire debate is incorrect :P

  • Its a virus

    Viruses are not living organisms. So they can not be killed. A vaccine is the use of using anti-bodies made from antibiotics (anti-life) to kill bacteria. But since a virus like Ebola is not living it can not be killed, which is also why there is no cure t the common cold or the flu virus.

  • Not at the moment.

    The correct answer to this is no, because of the lack of effective cure, thus it cannot be cured. It can be easily prevented, but not cured.
    I'm not really sure what else to say to this, I imagine a cure will be made eventually but as of this moment it's non existent.

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