Do you guys think we're safe from the Ebola Virus?

Asked by: Skt1Faker
  • Ebola is hard to spread

    Present evidence indicates that Ebola is hard to spread. None of the health care workers in the US have spread the disease to others. I am not saying the disease does not need to be contained in West Africa because it does. They have porous borders over there and as we have seen controlling borders is very difficult. I don't think we need to be concerned about catching Ebola here in the US but I do think we need to do everything we can to eradicate it in West Africa. So many people are dying.

  • One thing about ebola...

    Is that it's completely treatable and basic preventative measures are more than enough. It is not a matter of some wild outbreak that people keep pushing particularly because first it's not easy to transmit and second even if one acquires the illness it's not a 100% death sentence. There are disease such as Dengue fever which are far, far worse and almost always lethal.

  • The story of ebola:

    There was an outbreak in Africa and someone with ebola who didn't know it came to Texas and spread it. However, only a few patients were diagnosed with it. Those patients were kept in isolation while being treated only by doctors in oxegen suits. Ebola is hard to catch: you'd have to drink the same water, or get peed on by them, or have some other transfer of DNA, wich is why ebola only spreads to doctors, close friends and family. You can't get ebola by breathing, or eating your food, or going on with your daily life. The political officials of Texas ensure citizens they are safe, safety procedures are taking place in factories where it's at high risk. And New York City is currently safe from it. Those are the places where it's a threat in America.

  • Mhmm We Totally Are!

    Even Though Ebola Is Scary, We're Totally Safe For The Time Being. We Were Talkin Bout This In Class. Ebola Isn't That Bad. There R Also Other Diseases And Things Out There! Anyway, Our World Is Full Of Wonderful Doctors Who Can Find The Cure In Enough Time To Decrease The Amount Of Ebola Cases! XD

  • We're safe for now

    The United States has had a few incidents that's all they are isolated and being tried by are best and brightest.

    Europe does NOT have a single case of Ebola. It has had a number of false alarm that's it, it has also sent a large scale effort to contain Ebola in Africa by way of troops,supplies or donations.

    The Ebola virus is NOT spreading

    Nigeria has declared itself ebola free because they have not had a new case in 21 days

    Russia has already created a vaccine for it already using past Strains of Ebola

    Ebola is only on a big scale on the African continent, in a third world country without even the most basic care items (needles,IVs,sterile equipment, clean water, hazmat suits) or even well trained doctors

  • Still today, there are only few people who are recovered completely and Ebola Virus is spreading out to whole world.

    To this day, after we realize the Ebola Virus, we don't even know about it's cause, even though, there aren't the definite vaccine. Also, in nowadays Ebola is stalked even in the New York city, it is to say, USA is not the safe haven anymore so as other countries. Because of those reasons, I think we're not safe from the Ebola Virus anymore.

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