• Art class is horrible

    You get graded on how much your teacher likes you and how good your art is. Even if you put all the effort in the world you will still get a bad grade if it looks ugly. So, of course I hate art class who wouldn't. Obviously the people good at art.

  • How Could You?

    Because art is such a broad spectrum, I don't think that there is any way to honestly say that anyone "hates" art. Every form of media is based on artistic concepts, so in order for someone to hate art, they would have to simultaneously hate all TV, painting & sculpture, literature, music, and possibly even the spoken word. It just isn't possible.

  • Art is above everything.

    I see no reason for such a debate, as art is one of the only true forms of pure humanity that are left nowadays. Where everything else might be fake, it is hard to fake the effort and creativity used in the creation of art. A world without art... I simply cannot imagine such a world.

  • I love art

    I love art very much! More than anything else. Let it be of any kind eg- dance, drawing&painting, crafts, music etc. I can never hate art. I love art from my childhood especially Drawing&Painting and i want to become an artist. It is very important for me, actually the only reason I live for. ART ROCKS!

  • Art is incredible

    Sometimes art is extremely hard, I'll admit that, and sometimes I hate all the work I have to put in, but art adds to our lives! After all, the Earth without art is just Eh. There are so many forms of art; music, pottery, sculpture, canvas, graphic, animation, ect. People devote their entire lives to art, and while I respect anyone's opinions, how could anyone hate art?

  • Art is the expression of humanity

    To have no appreciation of the poetic, dramatic, musical or artistic expression of the human spirit can only be likened to being in a state of death. Art allows us the opportunity to share the experience of the human existence and to incorporate it into our being and our consciousness.

  • Of coarse not!

    If you look at any historical figure, they had some type of mastery in arts. Even Einstein-who had nothing to do with art played the violin to raise money for the Jews. Art can be music, war, fighting, painting, T.V or anything along those lines. Its what drives humanity forward.

  • It's what drives humanity.

    How could anyone hate art? Art is what separates humans from other animals. Our ability to create and admire art is the reason we live in today's society. Art is what adds more meaning to our lives other than survival. Without art we couldn't possibly live in a world like ours.

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holyzinc says2014-10-05T21:59:14.330
I think we are evolved to love "art". It's not possible to hate something when we call them "art" unless it isn't really "art", like some "modern art" exhibiting animal corpses... If we don't like, it isn't really art.