• On Friends, He's annoying, Immature and ugly

    I know Ross is his character and he may not be like that in real life, But seriously? He's completely unnatractive and should be a virgin for the rest of his life. Why would they even cast him, He's disgusting. What I can tell from these comments is that he's arrogant and childish in real life as well. Someone needs to knock some sense into the baby man

  • Whiney little bitch

    He made me hate friends. Because of his crybaby little bitch face. That mother fucker needs to kill himself. I hope he don't have any offspring, Cause they will all ruin television and movies. I fuckin hate this bitch made, Nuttless boy. I hope he reads all these comments and kills himself #theonewhererosschokesonagun YOU FUCK UP EVERYTHING DAVID SCHWIMMER

  • He always plays the same character. . . . Ross Gellar a whiney, Selfish bitch.

    Now he is ruining one of my favorite shows! I canNOT believe they cast this turd on Will & Grace. I can actually say that I will not be watching it now because of him. Just his annoying face and voice make my skin crawl. Thanks for ruining my favorite show COCK BAG!

  • Stuck up man

    He came to my work twice and both times he would treat everyone with attitude and act like he was above everyone. I told it to one of my regulars and he also agreed that he met him and acted the same way. He really needs to go over himself

  • I dont trust him

    Look at him wtfrick is that lmao who let him exist lol the only good role hes ever had was melman da giraffe in madagascar tbh haha friends sucks david schwimmer sucks this shouldnt even be a debate its so blatantly obvious just look at the results of the debate thing hahahaha

  • Preening Arrogant Douchebag. Not a nice guy.

    He hit on my ex-girlfriends mentally disabled sister at LAX in 2001. He seemed cool when he introduced himself as David but when she rejected him he called her a "botch" and got into her face saying "Do you know who I am?! Who the hell are you? Nobody!" What the hell is a "botch" Schwimmer? He's useless as an actor and can't even insult a woman properly.

  • He is the worst

    He's so whiny and his deer in the headlights look all the time is too much. Easily the worst character on Friends and I can't understand how anyone would find him attractive. Rachel could do a thousand times better. I honestly hate this guy. Nothing would please me more to see him crash and burn. Oh wait...

  • Whiney, estrogen maiden tool.

    I hated Ross and all the other characters he's played. I can't help but think this is what a soft lady he is in real life. Schwimmer is nothing but garbage. Desperate garbage. If a roll calls for a filthy, spineless pile of fecal matter, then by all means, cast Schwimmer and his stupid face.

  • His a wimp

    Can't stand any of the characters he plays. He's always whining. He seems like someone that would cry for sex. I don't know why but I can picture him actually whining to get laid. Hate him. I am glad that I'm not alone in this. I wanted to punch Ross in the face.

  • You're god damn right I do.

    To reiterate what someone said previously, just LOOK at him. He's a sniveling little turkey with a bitch nose and whiney ass voice. It's like he has aspergers or something - he's fucking annoying, dude. His very existence is revolting and if I could introduce just one face to my knee cap, it would be his. FUCK YOU David Schwimmer.

  • No! I love me some Ross!

    Lol, this is the weirdest topic I've seen! I used to watch friends all the time and i still do! (On Nick @ Night) So, i don't understand why you'd hate him lol! Unless u have a reason i don't understand i guess, i also hate how we have to type atleast 50 words

  • I actually don't get why so many people hate on him.

    Most of the comments here are about his character, Ross. It's fucking ridiculous to hate on an actor because of a role. Also its pathetic to wish him death, Even though you don't know him. I'm not a fan and I don't really like him, But I don't say that I want him to die. Grow a pair and stop this bullshit.

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