• Fifth harmony aren't good people

    Here some reasons why the title is true! There vocal is messed up, They lip snyc, And they act disgusting to some of the fans which is breath taking! Whoever are fans of them now you better change your mind buddy. Your making a huge mistake right now, I'm just sayin!

  • They are extremely RUDE

    First of all, They are so rude to Camila cabello. Look at little mix, They support each other, They are real team goals. But fifth harmony? Why not call it fourth harmony. They are so shameless. They can't even treat their own members properly. What did camila even do to them? Secondly, They can't even dance and their songs are quite boring and it all sounds so similar.

  • They're a slutter american little mix one person left and yet they still call themselves "5th harmony" change the name to like 4th haromny

    They're sluts like seriously they are i hate them so much i seen better groups like little mix and maroon 5 but 5th harmony sucks they're music is terrible they can't sing or dance and they even twerk ew wtf they still call themselves "5th harmony" even tho one person left change the name god damint

  • They are strippers

    They can't sing can't dance they are an American sluttier, talentless version of little mix. They are literal strippers, not even kidding. And they still call themselves fifth harmony even though there is four of them. Sorry, can you not count?!! Seriously!!! Change the bloody name. Never mind the fact that their music's shit.

  • Extremely ridiculous !

    First of all, lets talk about this Camila girl. Her voice is squeakier than a rubber duck. She is the Comic Sans of fonts.
    No one even likes Ally...
    And who are the other three???
    They ripped off Rihanna's Work. "LET MY BODY DO THE WORK" C'mon how inappropriate and ridiculi is that?!

  • They can't sing nor dance

    They always lipsync and shake their booty
    B!TCH, Camila is snake
    B!TCH, lauren has flat chest and act like $LUT
    B!TCH, dinah don't have breatg control, she probably has so much S3X
    B!TCH, ally can't dance, her moves like death worm
    B!TCH, normani only SHAKE HER ASS, her talent only TW€RKING


  • Horrible idiot gg

    Why don’t y’all listen to Little Mix, Who the entire US has been sleeping on, Instead of these idiots! These guys are pretty much the worst gg to exist on the planet. Camilla made the right choice leaving. If you hear a bad song by a gg, It’s probs a 5H song. Try LM

  • Entitled Mean Brats

    Their interviews show just how much divas they are and their amount of shade is off the charts. They were just spoiled rich girls whose parents paid for their careers. Dinah Jane was the worst one and a total slut. Camilla seems like such a sweet girl and was humble.

  • I dislike Fifth Harmony.

    Their faces aren't particularly beautiful; I see many girls on the streets everyday who are far better looking.
    I hate their songs; their voices are okay but the music and lyrics suck.
    Their dance is just literally moving their bodies in a way that's supposed to arouse the audience. This has led me to the conclusion that they're famous mostly for their sex appeal.
    But what I really dislike is that they always appear to be so full of themselves. And since their music sucks, I don't really see a reason for these bitches to act like they're superior.

  • They've CHANGED A TON!!!

    In, what, like 5 and 6th grade, they meant a lot to me, with Miss Movin' on, and Me and my Girls...But about halfway near 7th, Sledgehammer came out. And I heard Bo$$ as well...And well...I done had enough AT THAT POINT!! THEY GOT SO NASTY BRO!!! JUST LIKE THE TOP PERSON SAID, THEY'RE ALL SOME STRIPPERS (except Dinah and Ally, they are still...Somewhat chill)
    Moral of this dumbass story, Fifth, now 4th, Harmony, has changed in the mot negative way possible...

  • Sure, You can dislike them, Even hate them. But why emphasise and share your opinions so strongly?

    Ok, Ok, Ok. We get it. You hate Fifth Harmony. Done yet? My question is, WHY are people so mean these days? They're strippers, They suck, They can't sing, They can't dance blabitty blab blab. How would you feel if people called you the things you're calling Fifth Harmony? If the answer is yes, You are literally heartless. Remember, Don't treat others the way YOU want to be treated.

  • I won't hate them

    Why does people think that they've change? ! It's not them who change but the fact that their management wanted more money from them makes them do this things like that ( your so-called strippers and them making nasty things ). They're still the girls we know from the X Factor until now. So stop calling them strippers and bitches noobs.

  • LMFAO i can’t

    At the end of the day, they’re still making more money than you and will still have more talent than any of you that say that they’re talentless. Calling them sluts and strippers? No shade because they’re my queens too, but Nicki Minaj, Cardi B (who was an actual stripper) and a bunch of other female artists do the exact same things in their music videos, and y’all dont say shit. I honestly have no idea why people hate them so much someone please give me a good reason other than “trash” “sluts” “whores” etc.

  • They're lovely people.

    For their age and rise to fame. F!Ck you haters. You can stay behind a computer hating for all you want but they're getting their royalties while they sing while you waste your time on negativity lmao. Lauren is extremely beautiful and talented as well and they have catchy songs which is what makes them talented in this age and era.

  • Don't hate or love.

    I don't listen to their songs, but I don't hate them. They look like a good group and some of their songs are decent. I normally cherry pick sons from artists- some of their songs I love and some I hate. That's why I don't have a favorite artist. Favorite songs yes. I'm sure Fifth Harmony are good, but I personally am just not interested in them, but I don't hate them.

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