Do you hate LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi, transgender)?

Asked by: Oofkachowmaidude
  • Typical Misrepresentation and demonization

    I'm only arguing this as "yes" because of those who label anyone who doesn't strongly support the LGBT as "homophobic" or "hate LGBT". You hear about bakeries getting shut down because the owner's won't make a homosexual wedding cake. Why is their right to their belief less important than anyone else's? Personally, I couldn't care less about what LGBT people choose to do, however I also believe that it's silly how people who preach "love" and "open-mindedness" hate those who disagree with it fundamentally, branding them a homophobe and demonizing them/destroying them professionally based on their beliefs. Everyone needs to relax.

  • They're seeking attention.

    That's all these people do is look for attention. They are insecure so they pretend they don't know what sex they are. It's pathetic really. You are either straight or gay. Simple as that. This is a jew movement, just like the Women's Liberation Movement and all the other jew led movements to divide and conquer us.

  • It's statistically unhealthy.

    Please note that this is the idea that I do not support their lifestyles
    Consider that lesbian marriages are statistically more likely to result in violence than a heterosexual one. Considering that there are certain drawbacks, it should be in the general interest of people to not support something that is unhealthy.
    It isn't about someone living a different lifestyle, but sustaining the best possibility for others.

  • Simple fact of Reproduction

    You cannot reproduce with the same gender! This is simple population control pushed by the media. Love isn't love soon Pedophilia will be introduced into this whole spectrum of infinite Genders. There are only Two genders Male and Female. If i say i am a bob cat does that make me a bobcat? People love it say its wrong to inject cows with hormones but let their nine year old son to be injected with hormones to grow breasts/boobs. Children should be taught to accept themselves meaning their biological gender is what matters. Forget about the societal Traditions. You cannot change your Chromosomes no matter you either have XX or XY . Children cannot pick their bedtime, drive, rent houses, or buy cars but can choose their "sexual identity" When their brains arent fully capable of understanding such a logical fallacy

  • I am a member of this community, so i have no reason to hate it

    People who hate the community are homophobes. People that refuse to be involved with this community are not exactly homophobes, as they may have reasons for not doing do, such as religious beliefs. But people who do not support them just because of who these people in the community are, are homophobes. I would also like to point out that you do not have to support the community, i will not force it upon anyone, i suggest it, yes, but i do not believe in forcing people to believe what i do, that is why we have christians and mormons. Now, as a bi person myself, and having a bi sister, i do not dislike this community, i have no reason to, the people who are in the community have given me shelter from those who do not support me. People who think that i have to believe in the same thing as them, people who think that i should like the same sex are trying to force their opinion on not just me, but everyone else within the community, and are selfish sons of b**ches who do not have any right whatsoever to whine and complain about the LGBT people trying to force their beliefs on them, when they do the exact same thing to us. As a last, closing statement i would like to state the following: love is love no matter what, and people need to accept this as we are all humans and are all trying to achieve equality, so do not treat us in the LGBT com. Any differently than you would treat anyone else around you.

  • They are bad triggers for the future

    We know that it's wrong. All from all aspects. Childrens will think that it's fine n they will follow it. What will happen in the future? And God will certainly be angry. You guys boast "love is love" but it is mental illness. You damage other people's minds. Hope you come back to normal. Love the sinner, Hate the sin. <3

  • They make me extremely uncomfortable in everyway

    Honestly it is not surprising that all societies are against lgbt. It is because they choose to be extremely against the nature of how humans are supposed to be and not by being forced into it. There is no gay gene, Being gay is a choice, And so is turning into a woman or a man against what your body is supposed to be. If they want to make these choices then they should also accept the consequences of said choices. I, Personally find them extremely repulsive and disgusting. The perfect word to describe the feeling is repulsion. Now that does not mean i am going to go around insulting them or hurting them, I feel no pleasure in hurting other even if i am against what they call for, But on the other hand i would 100 percent vote against them adopting children, Being "married", Teaching in schools or having any direct contact with children in general. Also i would truly appreciate it if they would stop expecting normal people to accept them for the sick repulsive choices they choose to make. If we started to accept whatever based on "all humans have a different sense of identity" the we might as well welcome pedophiles, After all they might have a different gene and can't help it right? The point is, LGBT people can keep there sickness and deviance to themselves ans we can from there try to have normal social interactions, With no hate but no expectation of acceptance either

  • There's absolutely no good reason to hate something that doesn't affect you

    To the people here voting "yes", your opinion doesn't matter. You are irrelevant, and your opinion is worthless. Nobody asks to be gay or trans, they are just born that way. If it's the policy of the business, they can serve to whomever they like. However, if that business has no policy on serving to homosexuals or transfolk, or especially if they are protected under their policy, their employees have no right to refuse service. Same goes for bathrooms. I don't bitch about sharing a bathroom with ugly or otherwise "disgusting" men, neither do I ever notice if I do. The fact you morons care so much about sharing the dirtiest room for human use with someone different than you, shows how selfish, bigoted, judgemental, and homophobic you are. Like me, it's possible to be slightly homophobic and not let it affect others. For some of you creeps, it's all about you. You have no excuse; you're just a pathetic piece of crap.

  • I think I've punctured your ice cold barrier of retaliation.

    The stuff I've been reading lately is bothering me, but I'm glad we are fighting for our rights.
    I was born a lesbian and given up for adoption because of that. (Thanks, Heterosexuals you've imprisoned me from having a kind home with a real family.)
    However, a nice gay guy came by and adopted me, so I am thankful to churn on these pride parades. To judge someone for being part of lgbt is not kind, most of us are suffering because of your opinion.
    What are we? Monsters? I thought we were made from the same flesh and bone as you.
    Are we not as human as you are because of our sexual orientation and self-identification? Wouldn't you hate to be called some other name than your own and then judged because of your retaliation towards such a thing?
    What if you were called a young female even though you were male and suddenly were sexually assaulted because of it? Would you not feel as dehumanized as us?

  • Depends on what you mean.

    Do I hate LGBTs? No. I do find their actions appalling however, and the LGBT movement has turned into an anti Christian movement more then anything else.

    I'd also like to mention that I completely disagree with those with this "live and let live" policy. By normalizing unhealthy actions amongst the general population you would be promoting the action itself. I don't believe in "killing the gays", however I do believe people should be educated on homosexuality and bisexuality with more than the concept of "if you don't like it you're a homophobe".

    Going back to the movement, having seen Christian bakers go to jail and people arrested for hate crimes simply for speaking out against it all throughout the media, I myself would consider a fascist organization. When a group gets to the point where they will seek to have their own members arrested for not following the status quo, they have most definitely become fascist.

    Finally the LGBTQABCDEFG community as a whole. I find them to be idiotic for the most part. I don't necessarily mean for that to be offensive, however these people often state false claims to form a baseless argument (homosexuals saying people hate gays or even that the bible supports it. Exaggerated claims made without evidence). Proponents of this idea often state the "gay gene" which has been disproved time and again already as a way to justify an unhealthy behavior, when in reality all major statistics show that most homosexuals and bisexuals come from less than standard livelihoods. And many follow suit of being queer simply because they 'experimented' when they were younger. Most gays I met have often been "high and mighty" about their sexuality as well. And their is often a victim complex among them.

    So no, I don't hate Homosexuals or bisexuals. I do however dislike Homosexuality, bisexuality, the LGBT movement, and most LGBT people.

  • Free to choose

    I don't hate people like this! I think each of us has the right to choose for themselves, and shouldn't be judged if they choose anything other than us! We are not the same, even if they are wrong or not, only they are in power to choose for them. I have friends who are different, who are exactly like them and I don't judge, each one chooses for him!

  • Why Should I?

    There's no real reason to hate people with a differing lifestyle than you. Frankly, even if you do not like it, you really should not care since this generally does not impact you. Let people live their lives in peace, and focus instead upon your own personal problems. That is my stance, and #loveislove

  • What's Wrong With LGBT

    Those who hate on LGBT people clearly are immature and have no desire to get with the times. To accept that someone is different shouldn't be a problem. So what if they're not heterosexual? Does it really matter? Those who are against it are being petty and childish, no excuse.

  • Why would i?

    There should be nothing against these people, they just love someone different then us! Everyone says they're wrong, and they say this because of the bible. The bible exactly states: "god love US ALL" they are good people, just like everyone else, they are no different then us, except for the people they love, or what they want to change about them selves.

  • Just don't care.

    Sure, I don't accept their lifestyle. I don't support any of their agendas. That does not mean that I hate them but just don't care about them or what they want. I am also an atheist but that does not mean I hate theists. As long as they keep it to themselves, I'm fine with them.

  • Why would I?

    Sure, I might hate some of them if they are bad people, but I don't hate people for something they don't have control over. Gay, lesbian, bi, trans, they are all just people and should be judged on their character not on who they like or what they identify as.

  • Whats Wrong With LGBT?

    Those who have a problem with LGBT people are immature and childish. So what if you're not heterosexual? What's the issue with that? You can't expect the whole world to be populated by straight people can you? Instead of fighting the change, just accept it. Learn to live with our fellow humans, regardless of sexual preference or gender. Make Love, Not War

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Spiffy-Gonzalez says2018-01-09T22:37:49.817
"Everyone says they're wrong and that's just because of the bible"-Oofkachowmaidude.

"Those who have a problem with LGBG people are immature and childish. So what if you're not heterosexual, you can't expect the whole world to be populated by straight people can you?"-ImmortalPheonix006

"To the people voting yes here, your opinion doesn't matter. You are irrelevant and your opinion is worthless. The fact that you morons care about sharing the dirtiest room for human use with someone different than you shows how selfish, bigoted, judgmental, and homophobic you really are."-repukesaretheworst

"Those who hate on LGBT people are clearly immature and have no desire to get with the times. Those who are against it are pretty and childish. No excuse."


People claim to be tolerant then go and dis traditionalists and the religious for having an opinion. Then the same people say "God says love everyone" and ignore all other things in the bible that go against homosexuality and bisexuality. Then they say "hey, get with the times" without realizing that 1930s Germany was at one point the 'times'.

Then the never ending disproven idea of a "gay gene" inevitably comes up and they will ignore all science conflicting with their agenda. Not only that, you disagree with them, therefore YOU are the bigot despite them refusing any evidence or discussion against their opinion.

The two arguments I LOVE here.
1: you can't expect the world to be populated by straight people.
2:The fact that I care about who I go to the bathroom with makes me a bigot judgmental selfish homophobe.

1. Yes actually. I can. The vast majority of religion along with forty thousand + years of evolution says I can. Wether religiously or scientifically, MAN WAS MADE FOR WOMEN.

2. Homophobia, bigotry, and being self centered have nothing to do with that topic. Kidnappings and sexual assaults have a correlation with areas that allow this. Not only that, you said the fact that I care about ANYONE different from me. I think me and everyone else who ISNT carrying an std has a damn good reason to be against this statement.

And honestly, I don't even dislike gays. I am completely against faggotry and bisexuality, but I don't go out of my way to be rude to someone just because they are. The LGBT movement doesn't care about that though, unless you support it you're automatically part of the problem.

So yes, I do not like this modern homosexual fascist movement nor do I like proponents of it.