• It is what it is.

    They don't condemn the radical islamists, they actually support (there are accurate and factual studies) terrorism.

    They do not wish to assimilate, they want to create small pieces of the country they fled from. They act like the victims of extremist violence and its very arrogant and disgusting.

    There is no way to feel bad for them. Their religion is toxic and they won't go through a change like Christianity did to make it more peaceful and compatible with western society.

    They're entitled, bratty, demanding and outright disgusting.

  • Their religion is based off of hatred

    Islam teaches to slaughter the unbelievers, where ever you find them. We have seen the devastation they bring in Europe, and the United States. Muslims have been seen to throw Christians and anyone that is not like them off roofs of buildings. However, not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslim.

  • Uncontrolled immigration will kill the west.

    Uncontrolled importation of military aged men, and not families, causes the increasing terrorism rates in Europe, and the uncontrollable rape rates in Sweden and Germany. Governments should be more concerned with their own citizens than an invasion force of illiterate men. A simple fix to everything is to implement a vetting program to check for basic literacy, and to only allow families of a male, a female, and a child to enter.

  • Not exactly hate Muslims

    But Islam is a dangerous ideology.
    I don't mind any single Muslim until s/he proves to me that I should, but Islam is a threat to the west, free will, women and generally everyone who thinks different. I doubt it's coincidence that almost every muslim-ruled nation is in such a terrible state right now.

  • Silly question, really.

    I posted about this years ago:

    Not sure how long it's been - I don't see any date there. But the problems with Islam have been evident for a long time. I posted that before all the Muslim terrorist attacks that have occurred in the U.S. and Europe in the past couple years.

    It's fatuous to talk about "the religion, not the people." There is no religion without the people in it. The people are the religion.

    Yes, of course not every Muslim is "evil," etc. That does not change the fact that Islam is a huge problem for the world. What, really, does anybody see at this time that is in any way comparable? There have been tens of thousands of terrorist attacks in the past couple decades from Islam. There are millions of people that have been killed, raped, forced from their homes, even from their home countries, because of Islam.

  • Muslims are evil

    Muslims impose their views on any country that they take refuge in. UK for example, has designated no-go zones where the muslims in the area ignore the law of the law and impose their views on them. Also, there are groups of people who demand imposition of shariah law which is direct opposition of democracy. The people who have written views to my right are apologists paid by them.

  • Muslims are the West's poison

    With governments spending taxpayer money, the MSM forcing "Diversity" and "Multiculturalism", and the nature of Islam, uncontrolled immigration of muslims is the downfall of the west. A simple solution to this problem, while still importing refugees, is to only allow families in, instead of the hordes of military aged men.

  • They are a threat

    Muslims are today's Japanese to not only to the US but also the the world. The Japanese bombed a significant US port and the Muslims attacked a significant US financial building. The Japanese didn't kill innocent like civilians for absurd reasons such as loving freedom and democracy. Muslims, ISIS, and Al Qaeda are attacked civilians because they believe in something else. They are killing more Innocent people that soldiers, the solider are for fighting and protecting, not the people

  • Musims are bad

    They rape your children and your goats. They also kill people. They also remind me of Hilary Clinton, Trump, Sub Zero, and Darth Vader. They slash my tires, kill, eat cats, eat dogs, eat goats, eat other muslims, invade countries, and are a leading cause of DISEASE. They are DISEASE.

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  • No problem with Muslims, just their religion.

    I do not care what race you are or what you believe, but I should be able to criticize your beliefs. I do not hate the people that follow Islamic teachings, but rather Islam itself. The teachings in the book are dangerous if devoutly followed and this is evident by Sharia law which is taken over the Middle East. They throw gays off buildings and hang critic cartoonists, it is clear that their teachings are dangerous. While the people might not be bad, the teachings they follow are however.

  • They All Are Not Terrorists

    They All Are Innocent People , Yeah I Know There Are Bad People But Not All Of Them Are Bad They All Are Humans And They Should Treated Like A Human Don't You Agree? Don't Listen What Trump Says He Is Racist Person I Hate Him A Lot! Grrrr HATE!

  • Hate on the extremists, not the people.

    There is no reason to hate on a religion because of bad apples. In the past, there were thousands of Christians killing many innocent people to spread their religion, just as it is now with Muslim Terrorists. Neither is in the right, but the Quran even states that killing a person is like killing all of you/mankind. Terrorists are wrong, but not the Muslims themselves.

  • Not their control

    What happened on the day of 9/11 was not all Muslims fault. They did not have control over it. But Americans still hate them. Imagine you are sitting on you couch doing what you do every day. Then BAM breaking news America bombed France and all of the sudden something that your not in control of causes you to be hated by the French. That's What Muslims feel like.

  • They are good people.

    Muslims and their Islamic belief isn't a reason to hate them it's those who turn to extremism. Every Religion has it's extremist it just so happens that Islam's time for extremism is in the present day and age. We can not hold Muslims responsible for a select few who have taken the belief to such an extreme level.

  • Of course not

    It is awfully stupid to say that Muslims are dangerous people, therefore I do not have a reason to hate them. Almost every Muslim hates terrorists just as much as us. We need to unite together asa country to combat terrorism, not religion. Muslims should be treated just like everybody else.

  • No hate for Muslims one bit.

    I know fully well that not all Muslims are terrorists. Many are kind, respecting and peaceful people. Every religion and other ideaologies have their extremists. However, that does not mean I believe Islam is a religion of peace because it is not. I do not hate Muslims, I only have problem with the faith they follow just like people might not hate Christians but just they faith they follow.

  • No hate at all

    I don't hate anyone because of their beliefs. I only hate people when they tell me I need to live life by their beliefs or when their beliefs put a life in danger. A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

  • No, because hate leads to the dark side

    No, and honestly, I think with self reporting like this, a LOT of people who really do hate or fear Muslims will either vote yes, trying to convince both themselves and everyone else, or they'll not vote at all. No one wants to be perceived as a racist, but unfortunately, no one wants to change their racist views either.

  • Not because they're Muslims

    Though there are some individual Muslims I would say I hate, it's not because of their religion; they're just assholes. That's exactly how it should be; hate someone for what they do, sure, if what they're doing inspires hatred, but not for who they are. Most Muslims are good, kind people, just like anyone else.

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vi_spex says2016-10-03T18:53:10.133
Religion is hate
MapleHee says2016-10-09T19:54:47.977
I do not hate the Muslim's personally, however I do condemn their lifestyle, belief and culture. I will address this rather generally instead of nitpicking at personal stories.
I will not go too detailed and provide direct proof to enclose my nationality as any criticism towards my government or people will be punished under sedition act, if caught.
I will go by this order: control obsession, hypocrites, extremists.
I personally live in an Islamic country where Sharia law and other Islamic rules are implemented - I did not and will not bother to study what has been imposed. I am not a Muslim and I do not practise the religion of Islam.
Our government values religion as the base of ruling. This is reflected in our education system where the non Muslims are forcibly taught to learn of their culture, history and religion - some even encouraged or I'd rather say, be brainwashed into praying and practising their culture with them. Children from the age of 7 to 17 attending government schools are set to study 2 subjects of their, Muslim culture, Islam's history and the greatness of Islam; regardless of what the non Muslims will. In society, Muslims are given privileges of the first to be picked for a contract with government companies, scholarships - even when they're more promising students, admittance to universities, the law; traffic, lawsuits, etc. , wealth distribution, etc. Their control to not allow the other races to thrive and grow to be more successful than them and control the free will of children to choose what is right, speaks for itself.

Next up, Muslims in general are hypocrites. The best example of this can be seen where the Muslims in my country do not follow the teachings of the Quran, however they enjoy preaching their teachings and placing bans on other races with different religions. For example, Muslims in my country made national headlines when a pork noodle restaurant was opened. The Muslims ransacked the place and threatened the customers to "enter if you dare" (Do not forget we are a multicultural country) under the name of, the Quran forbids any issue related to pigs. However, the Muslims have forgotten the verses that they so like to use to quote that Islam promotes peace: that do not have another man or woman for no reason. By doing so they have harmed the family that started up the restaurant and even probrably traumatised them. Furthermore, (I'm about to quote some of my Muslim colleagues) a good portion of Muslims do eat pork as they are "tasty" and "better than beef" (word for word). With that coming out from their "traitors" of Islam, no action was taken. The best is yet to come. Muslims accuse other races of exploiting the system and being frugal and corrupt, but most of them, themselves are corrupt. With the scandals going on of our government being corrupt and squandering the country's resources for personal gain, one might think that action has and will be taken. But, as I said, the bureau of anti corruption are all Muslims. And as I said again, they're hypocrites. Too many news reports and reported cases of other races being caught for corruption, but little to none are ever broadcasted to the public about Muslims. I could list out more, however I believe by using this incident, a clear picture is drawn.

Lastly, most of them are religious fanatics. Muslims in my 29 years of living experience (of reading news, talking to government officials, and personally working in the government sector), value religion and emotions over facts. A good number of our Muslims have sided with ISIS and supported the murder of Jews and other races. Some were even recruited and voluntarily joined terrorists. They have sacrificed their road of knowledge for the road of religion even when they were given the best treatments of privilege. Muslims also take things out of context whenever an issue relating to the Quran or Islam surfaces. For instance, preachers went as far as to say toothbrushes are haram as the word bristles have an indirect meaning to pig's fur. Younger children are taught to follow the Quran instead of teachings of science. Many more can be listed.

In conclusion, living in a country where close to 80% of the people are Muslims, I dare say they have a good reason to be hated, but I personally do not hate nor loathe them as a minority of good Muslims do exist. However these good Muslims are equally as bad for allowing their fanatical brothers to rampage with their control and I hope these good willed Muslims will take action to provide equality. Maybe then, people's perspective of Muslims will change for the better.

(P.S; fellow countrymen should be able to understand and identify with me on what is wrong with our country if they were to look at the situation as an observer)
vi_spex says2016-10-09T20:21:27.407
Muslims dont think, they are instructed.. There is no difference, they are all lunatic pedophile terrorists... Or not muslims
taythellamalord says2017-09-07T06:55:19.423
I do not hate muslims, I do hate Islam. It is a dangerous religion and It is awefull. I know a lot of people will say like "the Christian bible is just as bad because it has awefull verses" but that is wrong. Christianity does have bad verses but unlike in Islam the bible verses are not as often used to justify murder, bye