• Hell yeah, it's so wussish

    Peace and utopia are different concepts. LOL. There will always be violence and hatred. To me the utopia concept is a resort of wimps. Defending yourself and loved ones is every man's right. Peace is different from this dumb wimpy vision of utopia where there will be smiley faces and teletubbies (lol). It's also another attempt to take away from men's manliness too.

  • I liek me some utopia

    People hate a utopian future because they say it can't be achieved. How can we achieve it if we think we can't? A utopian future is the ide future for humanity, where everyone is living in harmony. It's the perfect society where every action is done for the good of the citizens. PS: I hate vegans

  • The New Big Brother

    I can't stand the drama and there is to much distress over everything. Uptioa is just another Big Brother in a nicer place, but the same shallow pretty people with mild mental, and social problems! I don't feel that the show is realistic, most of the cast member look like they should be modeling in a Tommy Hilfiger catalog. Instead of building a society that they are unaware of.

  • Yes, because it in unrealistic and promotes unrealistic policies

    Its essentially one of the basic principles behind the political divide. One side sees human nature as a fixed phenomena and thus focuses on systems and institutions which work on limiting the negative attributes derived from it. The other side believes in the blank slate, that they can design the "new man", to create a perfect world. Obviously this leads to drastically different policies, realists working with human nature and idealists working on changing human nature. Needless to say the concept of "changing" human nature generally have deteriorated to either driving their subordinate populations over cliffs or became cult of personality dictators to better reach their goals.

  • It is too easy to exploit "utopia" for tyranny

    The Soviet Union was supposed to be a utopia. Nazi Germany was supposed to be a utopia. Revolutionary France was going to be a utopia.

    One common thread is that anytime someone says "Follow me and I will give you utopia" it turns into a vile, tyrannical dystopia instead. Utopia looks nice on the surface but try to put the idea into practice and it NEVER works.

    Reality is too nuanced for utopia to work. We can do the best with what we got but anyone trying to sell you utopia is trying to sell you snake oil.

  • Utopia is Dangerous:

    A world which supports too much freedom is easily reduced to chaos. A world that supports too little conflict is stagnant. The fragile nature of these issues is not safe to leave in the hands of a species that is fickle and truly incapable of managing the network of constants required for upkeep.

  • In which direction do we walk?

    We walk forward towards a dream in an attempt to make it reality. Without the ideal of Utopia we lose direction.

    Each decision we make as a society should be a decision which attempts to make society better. If we are all trying to make the world a better more perfect place then we all believe in Utopia. Step-by-step we walk towards what we believe to be a better place. If not then you must ask the question: where are we walking?

    Utopia is a very liquid concept. Some believe that a world where each individual has the freedom to speak his mind, freedom to roam where he pleases, and freedom to love whomever he chooses is Utopian. Some believe that a world where each individual is guaranteed a productive place in society, guaranteed certain minimal needs, and guaranteed basic human rights is Utopian. The idea of Utopia exists in each individual, and it is what each individual strives to achieve. This website is the epitome of individuals discussing and attempting to answer the questions: What is Utopia? How do we get there?

  • I do not hate it

    In my opinion utopia is where there is absolute freedom (i.E. No governments) so no i do not hate the idea of freedom. Although there is the whole idea of "perfection will never be reached and so we should just give up on it" i think it could be somewhere in the future. However i do not think that we can imagine it properly because for it to be utopia it will have to be something so far away from the societies that we have today. So how could you hate a concept that we don't know properly about?

  • Nothing to hate about it.

    There's nothing wrong with the concept of a perfect society, regardless of whether or not it's achievable. I mean, you can hate a nice, peaceful society, but I don't see why you should. The main problem with a utopia is that it could easily be a dystopia instead. There's a fine line between the two.

  • Utopia inspires to improve.

    To me, utopia is a sustainable society where every individual can find their happiness, have their voice heard, and be free without limiting the freedoms of others. It may represent other things to other people, but to all, it represents a better future, and I see no reason why we shouldn't strive towards it. That being said, I do not think the task of creating an ideal society should be placed in the hands of one person or even a small group of people. This is something to be done one step at a time, taking into account everyone's wants, needs and perspectives. Most, if not all, imagined utopias are flawed, but the ideas themselves should never be feared or hated. The idea of utopia inspires us to improve our society towards a better one if not a perfect one. An idea also creates a space for discussion and where there is discussion, there is seeds of progress.

  • Do I hate: an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. Nope.

    Why would anyone hate perfection? No one could debate what's wrong with one because it doesn't and has never existed. I don't think a concept like that should be hated. I don't think it will ever exist and how could it exist. But I don't think there is anything to hate about a perfect existence.

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ArcTImes says2014-07-15T19:55:47.257
Teletubbies are manly. U just jelly.