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  • The Old Folks

    Guess what? EVERY older generation thinks the new one is doomed. Your grandparents thought their children were part of a doomed generation. Likewise to their parents before that. It is like routine! Seriously. The older people get, the more they are against change. It will happen to everyone. Once we get to a point where we are comfortable with our lives, we don't want things to change. So when they do, it's automatically interpreted to be harmful to society.

    Posted by: cbyl
  • Yes this generation is not good enough.

    This generation is not good for many reasons, as I will list here.
    First of all, kids these days are stuck on they're phones too often and need to go outside and play more sports. Video games and newfangled technology is also disrupting with studies (like history and literature, of which I have a PhD in). Also, there are many historical figures that grew up in the past, like Adolf Hitler and the Unabomber that just cease to exist today. Role models such as Hitler and David Duke (grand wizard of the KKK) should be applauded for stepping out of what society accepts as normal. This generation spends too much time trying to "fit in" and be "hip", but should instead focus killing off all the useless human scum on earth. We should bring back older murder methods such as lynching and the method of "Hanging, Drawing, and Quartering" . But by far my favorite method of extermination of scum is mass murder camps. Hitler was a genius and expert at this, which is why I must say we do not have enough role models today to educate this generation.

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