• I don't mean to, but, yes, I do.

    I really can't stand bullying, people being loud for no reason, close-mindedness, prejudices, when people do something stupid and then look to others to help them climb out the hole they themselves dug, girls (or guys, too, I guess) acting cute when they just want attention, strangers sitting next to me without saying anything while I eat, lack of common sense, and probably a lot more. So, yeah, you could say I have some pet peeves.

  • Hell yes, I do.

    Hmm let's see. When I get reported on Yahoo Answers for no reason (and I do check the rules). When people treat someone as if they have no experience because they are young, or assume they are stupid. When people force their opinions. When someone tells me that "god still loves me" after I state that I'm clearly an atheist and don't give a damn. When people get offended when someone cusses (not aiming towards anyone) I can go on and on.

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