Do you have a persona much like the character Fresh in the self-titled movie of the character's name?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • Do me wrong, and I'll destroy you

    Now I'm not really a devil, but this is a reference to the character in the movie, who kinda has a mischievous and devilish little attitude. He basically devises a scheme to get him and sister out of the brutal Bed-Stuy neighborhood, corrupted by drugs, helplessness. He basically, in one bada-- scene, is caught selling drugs for a rival dealer named Esteban instead of the one he works for, Corky. He then lies and says he was running for one of his (Corky's) henchman, Jake, and that Jake planned to oust him. This got Jake and his pal killed. I feel like I have that bada-- persona, except without the lying.

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