Do you have a racial preference when it comes to friendships?

Asked by: WatchYourStep
  • I have more friends that are Asian, but that's just pure coincidence. I just spend time with people who I find friendly.

    I'm not actually friends very often with my own race, but this is not just because I think they're automatically worse- it just so happens that the people who were most amiable just happened to not be Westerners. If you look through my friends over time, Asians are a massive part of my friend group, but I don't choose them as friends for being Asian. I don't have a racial preference.

  • No, at least, not intentionally

    I really don't care what race my friends are. If they are great people with things in common with me, we are friends.
    When I reflect on it, I realize that I have Filipino, Chinese, Caucasian, Black, East Indian and Native American friends. I don't really look at people and see their colour. I just see a person.

  • Friendships alone, no.

    If someone is cool, they're my friend. Dating is a different story, as I'd PREFER a wife of the same race, however if I find a woman of a different race that I fall for, I won't hesitate to continue the relationship. Friendship though, no, I couldn't care less what race my friends are, as long as they're cool.

  • Does It Matter

    I'm an American mutt as it is. I could care less what race my friends are, they just have to be good friends that you can talk to and have a good time with, and thats sonething race can't determine. Race is just diverged from where people came from and how they were adapted in their environment. Why so many people care about race is beyond me.

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