• Yes, yes I do.

    I am a Protestant Christian, and proud of it. However, just because I am a Christian, does not mean I a Bible-thumper creationist narrowminded who believes "I DONT CARE IF YOU HAVE NEVER HURT A LIVING THING, YOU DONT BELIEVE IN JESUS, SO YOU BURN IN HELL!". I am also very open minded to the solid facts and evidence that science puts forward, and don't try to isolate myself from it. I also believe that if you are a good person, you should always get into Heaven, no matter WHAT religion you are. I also do not hold grudges over religion. I respect, even if I don't understand at some points, the stance that Atheists hold. I also do not believe that the opposing side on this opinion is "Backward savages who have no idea what they are babbling about." I respect Atheists just a much as I would respect a Muslim, that is: greatly. I hope everyone who does not believe in religion or has a different religion then I is able to understand and respect my "Casual & Open minded" Christian religious stance, just as I would their stance on things. Thank you for reading, jj7m.

    Posted by: jj7m
  • Yes, I do.

    I am a Protestant Christian. And proud of it too. However, I am not the one to BIble-thump and believe no matter how good someone is, if they don't believe in my religion "THEY MUST BURN IN HELL >:(" I am also openminded to the facts and evidence that science puts foward, and I do not view Athiests and those who choose science over religion as "Faith-blind idiots who deserve hell" <----Nope, sorry, not today, Mr. Closemind. I also believe that no matter what religion you are, be it, Buddhist, Islamic, Catholic Christian, Protestant Christian, Orthodox Christian, Baptist Christian, Taoist, Hindu, Shinto, Jewish, Athiest, Agnostic, or even Pagan, as long as you are a good person, you should always be able to go to heaven. I hope those who do not believe in a religion are able to respect my "casual & openminded" religious stance. Thank you for reading, jj7m (Crud, I didn't log in.)

  • My religion: Christian

    Yes I do. I am a Christian. When I was younger, I was forced to go to church by my parents and I didn't really believe in Jesus stuffs.. And still I'm not. Some people say you only live once and others say you live more than one life. As a Christian, I have learnt that there is hell and heaven, for people who don't believe in god (Jesus) then they will go to hell and suffer while others goes to heaven and rest peacefully but I sometimes even wonder if god is really there and if there is really heaven and hell. Cuz we never know, gods might be just superstitions that humans made up and really when you die, there really might be heaven and hell or you get to have second life and being born as a new different person.

  • In reality, everyone has a religion

    Religion is a set of beliefs. Whether you believe in God, gods, spiritual forces, or are a naturalist, everyone believes in something. My own religion is Christianity of the realest kind. It's a lifestyle, really. My religion consists of spiritual interaction with God, who I know exists because I have seen Jesus, and I have seen proof of God's power. People become filled with the Holy Spirit and burst into song and praise, or simply lie on the floor in awe of His love and His awesome power. I have known people who have been healed. My own mother speaks in tongues. I have felt the awesome and heart-lifting presence of God, I myself have even done healing, well, God did it through me. It is undeniable that He is real.
    People ask how I can believe in something that can't be real because they can neither touch, see, hear, smell, nor taste Him. I have a challenge for you: what is real? Do you really define it by your own physical limits? Our five senses are not what make something real. I believe in something because I have felt it in my very essence, my being. I have actually seen things from the spiritual realm.
    Look at it this way: you cannot see time. You cannot see gravity. You cannot see speed. You cannot see magnetism. But you can see its effect. It is like that with God, in a way. You may not be able to see Him with your own eyes but you can certainly see the effect He has on out realm, our dimension. My grandmother was healed from cancer after being given two weeks to live. Some people say, God only heals sometimes. God is not the problem, guys. We are. People become so overwhelmed by the pain that it is all they can think of. They are prayed for, but they don't believe they are healed because they can see no physical sign of it. Faith, my friends, is key. If you can have faith in pain that it will be there, why can't you have faith in God's power to heal?
    I've said my piece, and I dare you to challenge it.
    Or at least think about it.

  • Atheist here --

    I am an atheist and I believe that religion is silly and has held by man for thousands of years. We would so much more advance. Religion is loaded with fallacies and when you accept a religion you choose to ignore all the contradictions and errors. That come with it. Religion has gained popularity because of fear. Without fear of burning in an eternal hell people would not give a hoot about religion.

    Posted by: RO17
  • I am a free thinker.

    I was raised Christian, then became Wiccan at 14 years old.
    Recently, I begun university and took two philosophy classes. These classes totally switched up my way of thinking and I realized that no matter what religion, I'm never going to be satisfied because of the lack of rationality. I don't mind believing in something, as long as it's rational. Otherwise it makes me feel insecure and uncertain.
    Religion is mainly a way to explain the world and a way to reassure one about the afterlife. If a religion tells me I'm going to heaven after death, but there is no rational explanation, how am I supposed to feel secure about it?
    So I simply call myself a free thinker. My beliefs, my thoughts and everything just always change. I am pretty open-minded and whatever point of view I have now CAN be changed anytime with rational explanations and reasonable thinking.
    Sure, I still hang out with my Wiccan friends, my coven and I'm still studying Wicca because I just love the open-mindedness and the culture of this religion, but I question it a lot. It's just that so far, it's the religion I came across that is closest to my point of views. I just don't quite believe in the existence of the Wiccan gods and I question a few principles. Not a lot, though.
    I wouldn't be ready to say I'm atheist, because sure, there is no proof that there is a god, but there is no proof that there isn't. It's improbable that such a being exists and even if it exists, it's a being, a concept way too hard for us to comprehend anyways.

    So basically, let's just say I am an Agnostic, Free-Thinking person with a Wiccan-like culture. Yep, sounds right.

  • No I don't

    I can understand how you can believe in an entity that you can't see, hear or touch, plus religion has been used for centuries as an excuse to go to war against those who have different beliefs or religions. Religion is a form of control and compliance to a set of rules in a book written by numerous writers and apparently revealed to them by God. Look at the Catholic Priests who abused children what happened there the Catholic church swept it under the rug. Plus if there is a good who is loving then why hasn't he put a stop to all the horrible things that take place on earth

  • Life is subjective

    It seems rather impossible to escape human bias'. Man interprets the world due to his experiences and largely due to his upbringing. I find no reason to believe in Religion because they are limiting toward one's development of being an individual. Also if we follow facts (which are not subjective outlook; but plain truths of the world that may and may not go against the desires of men), evolutionary psychology shows that since the starting of our development we have been self-oriented and Religions, at least a large part of them, condemn self oriented actions as being sinful.

  • I hate religion.

    In the past two years, I have changed from Jew (age -.75 to 13) to Belgarianist (fake religion I made up from a fantasy series) to agnosto-atheist, back to Judaism, quaker for a day, Pastafarian, and settled on agnosto-atheist and a cultural Jew. I don't have a religion. I have rituals that my family does, not necessarily because of god, but because we did it as children, and my grandparents did it as children, not because its a Jewish thing.

  • I do not

    Religion is a backward way of thinking, science is the only way forward and will always be the only way forward. Without it we would not be where we are today. We could not have relied on miracles and faith to get us computers and space travel. Science science science!

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