Do you have any natural proofs on truth of your thinking, logic, books, beliefs and life styles?

Asked by: abraralam
  • Fresh dead bodies with fresh blood of Muslim Martyrs and Saints

    We have researched that there are hundreds fresh dead bodies with fresh blood of Muslim Martyrs and saints who are preserved from decay in their graves since centuries and years without used any chemicals.

    Once We have dug their graves for any reasons, we have found them in above condition, our Doctors have examined them and there are thousands eyewitness too. We will not dig their graves for every person on his desire, because you are 5 Billions at this time in world.

  • Nothing can be proven.

    Nothing anyone says can be proven, even if it has been. We understand so little of how reality works, that even the most scientifically supported facts could be incorrect. Humanity is arrogant to think that any of their beliefs are correct, or that they even have the right to believe.

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