• Arts is everything to me!

    I have many abilities, But I wouldn't call them talents, I wish I could. . . 'Cause I love literature, I love drawing, I love dancing and music. I try everything, I do enough to have fun, But not to entertain anyone else. PRATICE ARTS, FELLA! You'll never regret it for sure.

  • Do you have any talent?

    I honestly feel that the "talent" is not something that some people were born with talent, Or with something special, No one born and starts to sing like angels, To draw something magical, Or whatever that you consider talent. The way I see it, The "talent" is just the result of hard work, Some people have a more easy draw, Sing, Dance, Paint, Etc. . But just is to have control over the ability, Hard work, Years of practice, And passion. I prefer to see somebody with experience and passion, Than somebody that just see something easy to do and says it's talent.

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