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  • Haven't even started.

    No, I don't have any money to retire. I am 30 years old and haven't saved a penny. I realize as I am getting older that I really need to start now or else I will be working till I'm dead. I am about to start a new career and plan on saving then.

  • No I don't

    I barely have enough money to provide for my two kids right now, I don't even have a chance to think about retirement. I hope someday soon I will be able to start thinking about how to save for that, but I really have NO money to put aside. I still can't afford to move out of my parents house after my divorce, sooooo, yea, retirement plans will have to be later.

  • No money for retirement

    I do not have enough money to retire at this point in time. I have not even had a steady job yet. Im in my early twentys and will not get a good job until I finish school. When I do have my career established I will start saving for retirement.

  • No, I do not have enough money to retire.

    No, at this point in time I do not have enough money to retire. When my husband and I reach the age of retirement we will, however with both of us in our early 20's and with a young family at this moment in time we are not ready for retirement.

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