• Yes, American is resilient.

    A lot can be learned from history. America has recovered from a collapse of the market before and I am confident that it can recover again. Humans are amazingly resilient and adaptable. Our adaptability is what has carried us this far in life. Without our resilience and adaptability our nation would still be stuck in the Great Depression.

  • I have faith the market will rebound

    I do have faith that the market will rebound. Over the course of recent years, the United States has been plagued with tremendous debt, a government shut down and high unemployment. All of these factors can affect the market. It won't be done over night but with it being an election year, political changes could be made that will impact the market. Hopefully it's for the better.

  • Stock Markets Look Ahead

    Yes, I do have faith that the market will rebound because the new generation of entrepeneurs and stock holders are determined to make the change for their children and children of the future. New ideas and products are constantly circulating, it could be that the next Apple Corporation or Facebook has not been created yet.

  • Yes, the market will rebound.

    In the age of social media and 24-hour news coverage of events across the global, the ups and downs of the stock market naturally come under a great deal of scrutiny. When the market takes a downturn, it produces no small amount of anxiety, which is understandable. Yet I think it's important to maintain confidence that the market will bounce back, and that this confidence will itself help to speed up recovery.

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