• Yes I am very good at being social in a crowd

    First let me state I do not like to be in a crowd, but for this debate I am very good at being social in a crowd. I am very well versed and can manage to blend into any social setting even though I belong to the poor class of society. I was raised to talk and act like I belong to high society, but I grew up in lower class, which allows me to blend in. I can conversant and make people think I know about topics that I really only a small bit of information on. When I need to talk and socialize I can usually captivate all the audience around me and make them feel like they are important part of the conversation as well.

  • I am Great In A Crowd

    I have great social skills in a crowd. No one says excuse me with more grace and class than I do. Nobody ignores a malicious shoulder bump intended to asset manhood than me. I choose to ignore such provocations. I am careful to care for the well being of my fellow humans in a crowd.

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