• Superheros delux model

    One of the fun things about superheros is debating with people over which is better. Batman and Superman have a lot to look forward to in this movie. And it will be nice to get our minds off events around us, and while these are not real people, we could all use some superheroes right now.

  • High Expectations of "Batman vs Superman"

    I do have very high standards for "Batman vs Superman", as it is a movie I expected my whole life. As an avid comic reader, I loved to read superhero adventures; and I can't wait to see two of my favourite superheroes in an amazing, grand, packed with action production.

  • My expectations are low

    I saw Man of Steel and thought it was very lame, almost none of the characters had any dynamic. Plus, from the looks of the Batman v. Superman trailers, it appears humanity has turned against Superman. I saw a similar thing happen in Transformers: Age of Extinction, and it was ungrateful.

  • I don't think the public is enthralled with this

    Gone are the days of boring Superman and Lois Lane and Batman, some reclusive man hiding from the world. Both of these characters have been overdone. The public has moved its attention to more interesting and dynamic characters like X-men, Fantastic Four, and Transformers. We want to see more high tech weaponry and new exciting story lines. I don't think either one of these movies will be box office smashes.

  • Medicority is rather the standard

    Expecting greatness of tired retread ideas is rather like expecting bologna to taste of roast beef. You get what you get, take it for what it is worth. When an old idea is dragged back out of the closet for a new take it is seldom because of a brilliant new idea or approach; rather, it is an attempt to drive revenue with a minimum of input.

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