• Yes I do have plans

    Yes I do have plans for Valentine’s Day I am gone be nice to my enemy and of course I’m gonna give love and heart cards on Valentine’s Day to girls ok and yes I think that I do have a lot of plans on Valentine’s Day ok good bye

  • Yes, I did have plans.

    I'm not sure how this is a debate question, but my main plans for Valentine's Day were to make some chocolate candies the day before and give them to someone. I was able to get them done in time, and they were an appreciated gift. I think everyone can help make someone's day a little brighter, especially if that person doesn't have a special valentine.

  • Yes, I have plans for Valentine's Day.

    I do have plans for Valentine's Day. I will be going to pick up half a dozen pink roses for my girlfriend. Then my girlfriend and I will be driving into town together to have dinner together. We are planning on going to the Italian Oven, Olive Garden, or Big Boy.

  • But not with my husband.

    Yes, I have plans for Valentine's Day, but I have plans other than with my husband. I will go volunteer at the senior citizen's home, and he will take the children to an event at their Bible club. I love that since I am married, Valentine's Day does not have to be a production. I know he loves me.

  • Why show it on a fixed date?

    I am a bachelor by choice. So obviously don't partake in valentines day. However, I personally don't just show a good friend my gratitude for them only during their birthday. Neither do I only show my appreciation to my parents on mother's/father's day. I never made a big deal out of those appointed/fixed dates by society.

    It's ridiculous to build up everything for that one day. What are you trying to prove? That you only will show your emotions to the other person on just that one day? What about the other days? Shouldn't every single day be the equivalent of a valentines day?

    So much emphasis on a arbitrary date that is just merely given a title status. So people can take a break from every day hustle and bustle of everyday life. That day is no different from the day before or the day after.

  • Valentie's is over

    Valentine's Day is officially over, and there was no reason needed to have special plans. My girlfriend works at a bar and is worked all day, which was a great decision to make - her making money on all the people out for the day, while neither of us had to spend any.

  • Just Spending Time with My Wife

    Everyday is Valentine's Day because I am in love with my wife. In terms of plans, just spending the day at home with my family is perfectly sufficient. People who concentrate too much on Valentine's Day can be misplaced when disappointment on the day in question can lead to a collapse of certain relationships. There is too much pressure to perform on Valentine's Day when every day should be a holiday of love when you are with someone.

  • Who even cares?

    I’m single and I don’t even care. And for all you people out there who are moping around wishing you had a partner; there’s absolutely no need to complain. You’re just being obnoxious. Think of it this way; so what if you don’t have a Valentine on Valentines Day? Lots of people don’t have a mother on Mother’s Day, or a father on Father’s Day. Think about that.

  • This is it

    Right now I'm typing with one hand because I'm eating a delicious burger in the other. I'm completely alone, DDO is my plan. And I'm not even mad or sad. The fact that it is Valentine's Day and I'm single doesn't bug me, I think I actually prefer it this way anyhow.

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