• Can't Afford Not To

    I do have plans to work throughout the summer because as an adult with responsibilities I don't get to take the summers off. If I don't work through the summer I'll miss car payments, credit card bills, utility bills, and more. I wish I had the luxury of taking the summer of but the economy doesn't allow for that.

  • Yes I do

    Yes, i do plan to work this summer, and what my plans are is to get an intern position with the Arkansas game and fish commision. I am in college right now and this would give me a lot of good experience to make me able to get a good job later.

  • Work pays the bills.

    Yes, I have plans to work during the summer, because work earns money, and money pays the bills. I am not a teacher, who gets three months off in the summer. Oh wait, you're lesson planning. Rather, I have to work year round. It is easier to work in the summer when there is not snow on the roads.

  • I plan to work during the summer.

    I plan to work during the summer. I teach preschool and we all have a little bit of time off. We usually work about four weeks out of an eight week summer. We have some time off but some money coming in at the same time. It is the best of two worlds.

  • My work load is lighter during Summer, but I still work.

    I have plans to work during the Summer. My office is open all year and the need to edit documents and manage others does not end. Most office jobs do not close between June and September unless they are school jobs. My work load gets lighter in the Summer, though, because so many of our clients go on vacation.

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