Do you have to be good looking to become popular?

Asked by: harrymate
  • Sadly, this is how it is

    In today's society, goodwill and love for internal beauty is a rare thing. Although hypothetically you don't NEED to be good-looking, it is an extremely big deciding factor in popularity. Our society had been brainwashed by the idea of the 'ideal person' look and how we just HAVE to be just like them. The most affected group of people would undoubtedly be the children, who have been exposed to this propaganda since birth. Unless we can weed out the current system from the inside out, it seems well be stuck with this rotten maxim for at least the next generation.

  • Yes most of the party

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  • Ugly people don't get their face reblogged, liked, or tweeted.

    In this day and age with social media. Ugly people by and large don't get famous, period. They just don't. That said many of popular pretty people don't last because it was there looks not their personality that sold them first.

    But really what is popularity anyway, metrics these days are so flawed that you can't really tell if a you youtube video was viewed because it was like or viewed simply so somebody could post a nasty message.

  • Most of the time, Yes

    Looks are definitely a contributing factor in the battle of popularity. I am not saying that every popular person is good looking, but people such as Justin Bieber can become popular, just based on their looks. I wish it wasn't like this, as some good looking, popular people tend to be stuck up and arrogant, but our society is like this. People like Einstein and Darwin were not popular, they were known. If they were placed in a modern day high school, things would be much different.

  • Definately not. Einstein?

    Take every person who became popular because of their brain. Einstein, Darwin, thomas Edison. Etc, etc. I really wouldn't consider them good looking or beautifull or handsome or whatever, yet they are still world popular, even today. Or say I have so many role models who are popular and at least a little famous but they don't particularly look good!

  • Of coursely not.

    You can change a person's dressup or his/her appearance, but not his/her intelligence. Popularity is not earned only by being good looking and attractive. You need an intelligent brain to earn it. I don't think all of the great personalities in this world were good looking. Einstein, Florence Nightingale, Mother Teresa, Charles Darwin and all other people are not known for their beauty or external appearance. Rather, they are known for their master minds. So, in my opinion, external apperance is not the only thing that makes one popular. Or else we would have forgotten Darwin or Einstein till today. Oops, didn't mean to say that they were too bad in appearance. Moreover, each of you out there are beautiful in your own way. So never feel humiliated because, our external beauty doesn't define our intelligence and, fame is to be earned by one's own hardwork.

  • Not all the time.

    While some popular people at my school are quite good looking. There is also a handful of them who's average looking. There's this girl who is very short, and what people might classify as overweight, rough skin and glasses. However, she's confident, kind, and funny. And she's really popular! Lot's of boys like her.
    On the other hand, there's this girl who everyone thought was extremely beautiful, but she rarely talks and socializes. So she just kinda blended in with the crowd, only a few talks to her once in a while.
    This shows that looks do not determine your popularity. Your personality and how you treat people does. In my opinion, everyone is beautiful in they're own way, you just need to show it to the world by being kind to others.

  • We do not need to be good looking to be popular

    Although now in this social media age, people with good looks usually get more likes and retweets or whatever you call it and is considered popular, they may not have a lot of friends in real life . This is because personality and character is much more important than just being good looking.

  • One doesn't need to b beautiful to b popular

    No...I don't think one needs to be beautiful to b popular...That's a wrong conception...Today, just think of Modi, he is so much successful but I will not say he is good looking, but we see he is popular. Its true that today ugly people don't get likes or tweets on facebook and twitter, but I think that just doesn't really matter, because even if you are ugly but your posts and everything is and most importantly if your personality is good then people will definitely like you or tweet, because that's what really matters. Having a beautiful face but no knowledge or smartness, doesn't make a person any popular. One can be ugly and still be popular if one has knowledge, determination and the desire to work hard.

  • Not really tbh.

    You don't need to look good to become popular. I was the most popular kid back in school, not for my looks, but because I was insanely smart. I was that guy who had people wanting to sit with them. Trust me, you do not need brand clothes to be popular.

  • Good looks is nothing compared to an outstanding personality!!!

    The way someone looks is not the only thing that makes them popular. Majority of the times people like making friends who are intelligent and are doing good overall. Not only in school but out of school. You do not want to follow someone who's beautiful but has no brains whatsoever.

  • No its shouldnt

    It shouldnt matter what a person looks like; dont judge a book by its cover. If your friends only like you for your apperance then they arent true friends. Imagine if you were new to your school and good looking everyone would want to be your friend right? And if your not so good looking people still are really nice and try to become your friend.

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I think the term "popular" isn't used correctly anymore.