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  • Money can't buy happiness

    Even though I think a lot of people feel it is all about the "dollar bill", I have never been a believer that money truly buys happiness. Sure, money can buy you things and pay bills to keep a roof over your head, but money can not supply you with what truly makes one happy: A loving family.

  • No, people do not have to be wealthy to be happy.

    Recently, I read an article about how experts are finding money impacts happiness. It is true that the poor can become happier if they are able to reach middle class. It's at this point when there will be less worries about living day-to-day and being able to pay the bills. However, once people reach the middle class and their basic needs are met, happiness doesn't increase with more money. At that point, life is more of how you look at things. Gaining extra money past that point will not impact one's basic degree of happiness, from middle class on through being in the upper class.

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