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  • People can be funny without being liked.

    Finding someone funny and liking them are completely different things. There are plenty of people I am amused by that I do not actually like. Think of the class clown in school. It is easy to laugh at them or even with them but participating is something else entirely. Many people like to make fun of other people in our society. There are a lot of times that the things they say are funny, however they are funny at the detriment of someone else. Personally, I do not like or respect that behavior.

  • A person can be funny regardless of your personal feelings toward them.

    There are many people who I find very funny but I share nothing in common with them. Humor is universal and isn't limited to friends and family. Many comedians and actors take a stance on very hot topic political issues that can alienate many people. These comedians and actors are still popular because when something is funny people will laugh.

  • Do you have to like them?

    I have many guy friends and they are pretty funny. But it does not mean i like them. We are just very good friends. Also there are girls in my grade witch i am not very friendly with or even talk to them much but i find them funny. And i do not even like them. So you do not need to like any one unless you find them cute.

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