• Yes, i think so.

    The Indians are more than just a great starting rotation. The same could not be said for last year’s Tribe team, but this year’s Indians are more than just a good crop of starting pitchers. Indians batters have gone through some collective slumps this season, but nothing that makes them unwatchable for more than a week at a time, at most.

  • Yes, I do.

    As long as the Cubs don't win an usher in the Apocalypse, I don't care who wins. At this point it looks incredibly unlikely that the Cubs won't win, so I'm okay. The Indians are a good enough team, and they have fans. If they win, I just hope their fans don't cause a riot in the streets.

  • Yes, I hope the Indians win the World Series.

    Yes, I hope the Indians win the World Series because it would be great for the city of Cleveland to have two championship teams in the Indians and Cavaliers. The city has been without a good team for so long and now they have two. This is a huge boost to morale.

  • Cubs for the win

    I want the cubs to win because they havent won in 108 years. They deserve to win and they r going to. I dont care who else is in the WS as long as the cubs r in it. They need to win. The cubs have a great starting rotation, and the cubs have fans, and finally, it would be a huge boost of morale to the cubs, who havent won, IN THE LAST 108 YEARS!

  • No, it doesn't matter to me who wins.

    No, I do not hope that the Indians win the World Series. It's just a game. Who wins has no consequence. I'm sure there are fans for each side that want their team to win. I'm sure that some people think that the Indians should win. As for me, it makes no difference.

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